What to Look for When Buying A Face Mask


Facemasks have become a permanent part of our daily life. This comes after the World Health Organization advised on wearing facemasks to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. It is mandatory to wear face mask every time you out on the street. The government has been transparent on the guidelines of facemasks and medical masks requesting the general public to live a medical mask for the frontline health workers. As a result, the public has been left wondering what kind of mask they should buy to protect themselves and those around them.

Below are things to look for when buying a facemask.


When buying a face mask, make sure it is of good quality and that you are buying from a reliable source. The face mask should have three layers. The outer layer should have a water-resistant fabric to prevent droplets from getting in. The inner layer should be water-absorbent to absorb moisture from your nose and mouth with the middle layer should act as a filter. The fabric should be comfortable and reusable.

How it fits

When buying Custom Facemasks, it should fit snugly perfectly along all sides of your face to cover your nose and mouth. Whether you are buying a mask with an elastic band or tie, it is up to you to ensure it will cover your face properly. And if you are wearing glasses, look for masks made with metal pieces at the nose bridge, which can bend to your contours.


Buying a mask every day can be expensive. It would be best if you went for masks made with soft fabrics that are easy to wash and maintain. This improves convenience and also saves you a lot of money. If you are wondering Where to Buy Facemasks, you can walk into any chemist or shop online. There are plenty and quality face masks that you can wash and dry after each time you use it.


Wearing a face mask can feel strange, especially for those using facemasks for the first time. As a result, you have to ensure your comfort when using facemasks. Check the material. The material should have better ventilation and trap less moisture that builds up from breathing. It is important to note that some masks are comfortable but poorly made such that you breathe around them instead of through them. Try a tie-on mask for more comfort; however much it takes time to get used to.


Avoid buying face masks with valves as they do not do much protection. This is because the valve still lets out respiratory droplets; thus, you do not protect the people around you. Besides, it also lets in less air, thus reducing your comfort.


There is no vaccine for and no treatment for coronavirus. The only thing that works is wearing Custom Facemasks and maintaining social distance, whether in a bus or a mall. If you are in total lockdown and you are not sure where to buy Facemasks, you can always buy them on the internet and help flatten the COVID-19 curve across the globe.

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