Covid19 Second Wave Response: International Community Vs Indian Sarkar


The Covid19 second wave is no less than a Tsunami that has hit every nook and corner of India with thousands dying each day. From the health facilities, medical practioners, drug producers to the common man each one of us are dying a slow death. However, instead of living upto the expectations of the people of India and working in unison, we saw the Indian politicians and political parties playing petty politics.

Here we share the current situation and the response both from the International community as well as the action of our Indian government –

Covid19 Second Wave: Current CoronaVirus Situation in India –

  • Lack of medical infrastructure
  • Lack of oxygen cylinders
  • Lack of crematoriums
  • Lack of medicines and medical supplies
  • Inadequate supply of vaccines

How the International Community is responding:

  • The UK sending ventilators and oxygen concentrator devices
  • European Union, France and Germany sending oxygen and medicine supplies
  • The US pledged to provide the raw material for vaccines, medical equipment and protective gear
  • UAE sending high capacity oxygen carrying tankers and O2 cylinders
  • Russia is planning to fly out oxygen generators and concentrators
  • Singapore sending cryogenic tanks for oxygen storage
  • Pakistan offering to send ventilators, Bi-PAP, digital X-ray machines, PPEs, and related items

How the Indian Sarkar is responding:

  • – We don’t have any oxygen shortage, get your own tankers
  • – We have enough vaccines
  • – Let’s build the Central Vista .. Yayy
  • – Don’t scream if your people die
  • – We will seize your property
  • – Don’t count dead people, they aren’t going to come back
  • Delete tweets that demand accountability from the Government
  • – Threaten people who are asking for help on social media
  • – Don’t spoil our international image
  • – Your claims baseless, My Modi Strongest !!!

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Featured Image Source: Danish Reuters via Time

Disclaimer: That awkward moment when your own Government is more worried about saving THEIR image rather than saving YOUR lives

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