Custom College Admission Essay: Tips on How to Write a Good Essay

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Writing a college admission essay is a tiresome task. Even though it is just 500 words, it can still be the toughest part of the college application process. The two goals, you must accomplish is first you have to convince the admission teacher that you are worthy of admittance to that particular university and second you need to express them that you are not a standardized score or GPA, you are a true person that needs to show their college.

Unfortunately, there is no gimmick to write an admission essay. But using custom admission essay explains you can probably get started. Below are some examples and tips on how to write an admission essay.


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Answer the college admission essay question

An essential part of the essay is the question of the application provided by your college. No matter how well you draft your essay, if you don’t answer the question properly, then might not be accepted to the college.

The work should be original

If you are preparing a content about a competition that you are trained for, then remember not to start the admission essay by expressing ” I trained for several hours a day to get prepared for this competition”, that is a very common statement and does not impress your tutor, as it is not showing creativity.

Try using more impressive sentence by writing ” I got up early in the morning to start my training routine, and in spite of the sweat I was soaked and exhausted I will still make it to college on time”. This expresses your dedication to whatever competition you were getting into, but you weren’t allowed it to get in the way of your studies.

Be yourself

The admission office needs to know about you and your creativity skills in writing. Pick a college admission essay that is meaningful to you, and express more your feelings and not so much about your actions. Expect current situations are something you go behind with great interest, you need to stay away from the impressive themes in which you might have very little experience personally.

Don’t thesaurus your college admission essay

Many of us think that using complicated and big words in the essay might make your tutor impressed. Using such words is fine, but as long as they are used in the content appropriately.

Spend time for your introduction

Admission teachers might spend 2 to 3 minutes to read each essay. This means that they might have the chance to read only the introduction part of your essay, so you must grab their attention to making them real the first paragraph.

The body of the paragraphs must be related to the introduction

Your body paragraphs should be related to your introduction topic. And you must alter when starting the next paragraph. If you change the topic abruptly when starting a new paragraph then you might lose its flow and it might be hard for your tutor to understand.

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