Dear Alia, Love Zindagi!

Dear Alia,

We live in a world, that is dazzled by a competition so fierce that it is just not towards success, but also to prove oneself superior blatantly in the process almost as if it is a precondition – the inflated egos needs to be celebrated each day even if it is at the cost of someone else. Human emotions clearly take a back seat.


And then there are people like us – I call misfits, a lil laid back, with a parallel world of our own in our head, who wears heart on their sleeves (not to be interpreted as waiting to date next best thing :p), who react a bit to emotional situations or perhaps sheer lack of it sometimes. Looking out for solace constantly in our Zindagi – probably we hug someone else, while deep down we love someone else!!

Like you Kiara, we do not know whom to go and speak – even before we approach someone we have to speak to ourselves, prepare ourselves, fear how would other people think, whether we will be judged – most times we cannot speak out – pain settles down and after a while we get addicted to it almost.

When it becomes a bit unbearable, we cry a bit in private. Slowly we stop speaking to the world, feeling they don’t care and we don’t care back to tell them! But when we step out, cameras or no camera – Dress-Check Smile – Check Emotions – Keep in check!

Thank you for being Kiara – being random, irritating, angry, vulnerable, fun and so real – because that’s how it is. You are lucky you found a therapist in Dr. Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), who was not only unorthodox, he also had a sense of humour going for him. It always helps – serious stuff inflow with little pun intended.


Thank you for being bold enough to talk about your mental state. Often we feel embarrassed to talk about our feelings – even sometimes to ourselves. That is why someone who can communicate to us in a slightly indirect way always help.

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I loved the fact that nothing can still beat the joy that emanate from heart to heart conversation – no amount of fb and whatsapp chat can ever produce that. In fact the biggest takeaway, ”chat” may often be misleading and silences between conversations can be more beautiful.

Your scenic old world of Goa is enchanting which captivated me as an audience. I felt i was there with you, cycling under the blue sky. For a while, I felt free from being a prisoner of my own feelings. While your mind was at chaos, the world of yours was contrast to it – serene, green and full of music. And yes lot of us, find solace in music – it is kind of an escapade route. By the way, that friend of yours in Goa is an instant crush.

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And as rightly said by Dr.Khan (SRK) rather Jugs as you fondly call, relationship does not mean romantic only. There are so varied of them still most of our approach and understanding to relationship has been so one dimensional. And yes I totally endorse there are 5 people in this world who means world to u. The same is also endorsed by Brian Weiss’s book Many lives Many Masters – who speaks how we are born with set of same people in each era. Very interesting concept but will keep for another day.


The impact of these top 5 sometimes have more bearing in life (Zindagi) than probably a romantic liaison. And finally thank you for reminding amidst all this how important it is to pursue our dream – what we are good at and most importantly what we like.

I do not think I have adjectives to describe you each time I see you on screen – some say magical, some say sublime, but you are all of that and much more. For me you are that Therapist that probably I would perhaps never find in my real life – because everytime I see u on screen playing someone, a part of me heals watching you, in pain and in joy. It is like someone giving you a hug silently, without asking you a question. My world becomes optimistic again.

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P.S I love you.



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