What’s the Difference Between a Resort and a Hotel?

Most of us who love to travel have stayed at both hotels and resorts. Essentially hotels and resorts are structures that provide temporary accommodation with a set of other services like food, drink, and recreation. It can be, however, a little difficult to tell the difference, especially with the hospitality industry extending services beyond their former capacities. Additionally, the way marketing has evolved, distinguishing between destination resorts and hotels can go wrong. However, there is an intrinsic difference between the setup of a resort and a hotel, which is what we are discussing.


Both resorts and hotels are available in particular cities. Hotels are usually located near the main roads and streets whereas, resorts are typically present in or around secluded and picturesque destinations. Moreover, hotels are much closer to airports and railways stations as compared to resorts.

While hotels cover relatively lesser amounts of land, resorts are spread across the plentiful area. The large area of the resorts is covered in natural landscapes to provide a luxurious and serene environment.


The purpose of accommodation at both properties is essentially different. Hotel rooms are comparatively simpler, equipped with a bed, bathroom and a small working area. They essentially cater to people who want to stay the night in a different city while passing by or traveling for business.

As opposed to hotels, resort rooms are built to serve the recreational demands of the customers. Some of the rooms in resorts provide personal pools as well. At a resort, you are more likely to spend most of the time enjoying the facilities instead of the staying in the room. The working area or the desk in resort rooms is usually replaced with comfortable chairs or sofas.

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While the definition of the following terminologies may be subjective, the focus of hotels and resorts can be thusly differentiated. Hotels are structured to cater to the needs and demands of travelers looking for comfortable surroundings to relax. For example, travelers on business or people who won’t spend time in the hotel premises.

On the other hand, it can be said that resorts are built for the ones on vacation. They stay at resorts to spend time enjoying the delights of the facilities and amenities of the resort. A resort is simply more than a place of accommodation.

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Facilities & Amenities

Hotels cater to guests or customers who are traveling for shorter periods. They provide basic facilities, though in good quality, like a bed, bathroom, and food.

Resorts, on the other hand, focus on providing luxury to the guests. Their motive being the rejuvenation, resorts offer sprawling gardens, fountains and swimming pools to the customers. A resort might cater to fewer guests at a time as compared to hotels, however, that is subject to the scale of the structure.

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Hotel in a Resort

Logically, some of the best luxury resorts in India house hotels within a resort which have casinos and theme parks. The LaLiT Spa & Resort Goa is a fine example of a resort that provides the facilities of a hotel as well. It is much different in function, however, from its properties in cities like Delhi or Mumbai where the purpose of the travelers can be largely business. Whereas, in Goa, people go spend a leisurely holiday.

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