EaseUS Partition Master Professional Review

If you have just bought a new PC and are planning to install drives, then you would need a strong and stable partitioning tool, i.e. EaseUS Partition Master Professional. We came across various good reviews of this program and then decided it to give it a shot. To our surprise, we found it above our expectations, and thus decided it to recommend to our readers.

It’s an advanced all-in-one program that consists of partition manger, creation of bootable CD/DVDs, recovery wizards, etc. The professional version comes with heavy loaded features like Raid-5 Recovery tool which are surely going to excite you a lot. Whenever you feel to fiddle with your partitions, this program would come in handy. The best part which we liked in this whole EaseUS Software was that it’s able to get up its recovery wizard started whenever any sort of accident occurs to your drives.

Features Of the program:

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  • Easily merge the partitions into one without any tension of any kind of data loss.
  • There’s split Partition option, which can be used for system and the another one for data.
  • It lets you resize dynamic volume.
  • Troubled due to unallocated space? Go ahead and wipe them off
  • Get rid of “c drive is out of space” issue by extending system partition
  • Solve your low disk problems by resizing or moving partitions
  • Perform conversions from dynamic disk to basic disk without the worry of data loss
  • Merge partitions into a larger one
  • It has support for memory cards, flas drives, GPT volumes, etc.
  • Perform disk defragmentation and speed up the computer performance
  • Set a bootable CD/DVD when the device fails to boot
  • Perform conversions of FAT to NTFS, logical partition to primary, primary partition to logical, etc.
  • Easily label different partitions. We recommend you to put drive letters.
  • Easily hide and unhide partitions
  • Preview your partition process before actually starting it and affecting your hard disk
  • Supports all the latest Windows system versions
  • There’s disk and partition copy, and partition recovery wizard as some of the extra features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) Is the program safe to use?

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Ans: EaseUS is a very old and reputed technical solution company. They won’t risk their goodwill by injecting any kind of virus or malware into their program. Anyways, still as we have to be 100% assured, our team conducted the virus test of the installation file through different Antivirus programs and in all the programs, the software was found to be absolutely safe for usage.

When it comes to a little technical side, till you are doing things correctly, you won’t face any kind of issue. But if you end up fiddling with unknown settings or choosing wrong disk then that may hamper your data. In such cases, the program isn’t to be blamed as even the policies say that and we believe this is a fair thing. So, first learn to do things properly and in the initial basis, always have some techy geek on your side who can help and teach you the operational things.

Q2) What’s the pricing?

The program comes in four versions, Professional, Server, Unlimited, and Technician whose rates are $59, $259, $499, and $699 respectively. The first two versions are for personal use and the last two are for company use basis. As the name suggests, the usage can be performed accordingly. So, get that  which you think fits in your need.

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