Become a Writing Guru with These 10 Educational Tools

You’re probably wondering how those folks who run their own websites and blogs keep consistency with all that writing. Why is their writing always so perfect? How come they always have new and fresh content? What makes a great writer? There are the obvious answers such as consistent practice, reading widely and writing in your own original and unique voice.

These are some of the more personal aspects of writing that can make you a better writer with time. However, there are other technological and educational tools that can also assist you to improve your writing skills. These tools help out with the finer aspects of creating a high-quality paper and making your work stand out from the rest.

These 10 tools will take the quality of your writing to the next level:

Essay Map

An outline is always important for any piece of academic writing. It allows you to organize your thoughts and gives you a sense of direction before you start writing. Essay Map provides a simple tool that allows you to plan your work and organize your efforts in the pre-writing stage. Through this tool, you can input details about your main ideas, supporting details for these ideas and a conclusion.

Revision Checklist for Essays

Quality papers involve quite a number of aspects beyond just writing. With this website, you will have a checklist of all the things that you need to do; from how to best organize your work to a perfect look, how to make your content stand out and be more creative, and how to go about researching and sourcing of your information. It also gives you a checklist of how to make your paper finer through proofreading and editing.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing presents one of the biggest challenges to students in both high schools and colleges. Presenting someone’s idea without outright plagiarism is quite difficult especially if you don’t fully understand the underlying concepts. Lifting material directly from sources such as websites and copy-pasting the material into your own exposes you. You can use this tool with a bit of creativity, combining the ideas from external sources with your own to create a document that won’t be flagged by plagiarism checkers or worse still, be detected by a sharp professor.


If you want a helpful website that will take you through all the ropes of great writing, use this website by Julie Petersen, a teacher who decided to do something to help students navigate their way through high school and college. Here you’ll get study guides, tips and advice, samples and helpful articles to help make your writing better. You will also get access to blogs that share different writing experiences for students.

College Essay Guy

Ethan Sawyer is the creator of Сollege guy. He does writing and learning how to write fun and exploratory, through sharing his personal experiences and teaching students how to express their own experiences. From this website, parents, students, and counselors can access video resources and lessons, E-Books, college interview guides, personal statement tips and samples and even a podcast to spice things up a bit. If students are looking for an interactive website to assist them in all their essay writing endeavors, this one should be a great addition.

Thesis Builder

Undoubtedly one of the most challenging academic documents one will ever need to write is a thesis or a dissertation. Not only does it take time, but it also requires a good amount of research. If you are looking to create a powerful thesis statement, or if you have an idea of what to do but just haven’t figured out how to present it, Thesis Builder is where to start. With a topic, one main opinion, two strong arguments for that opinion and one against it you can instantly get a great idea for a thesis statement.

This helpful web resource takes you back all the way to the basics of proper academic writing. With trained undergraduates offering to tutor for proper writing, this resource offers:

  • Strategies for essay writing, taking it all the way back to the fundamentals of academic and essay writing.
  • BOK writing fellows: it provides writing tutorial services specific to different disciplines.
  • Harvard Guide to Using Sources: Helps students use a variety of methods to develop their own ideas from sourced material either in print or from the internet.
  • Brief guides to writing in different disciplines: Introduces students to the challenges of writing in different specializations.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

One of the most well-known resources online for aspiring writers, OWL offers a variety of free online resources on all aspects of English and language writing including grammar, mechanics, research, intensive ESL training, CV and professional writing and style guides. You will also learn much about referencing and citation and formatting guides, and you will even be able to access podcasts that cover the latest trends in writing.

Professional Online Custom Writing Services

While there may not be a specific tool to redirect this one to, professional writers in, for example, OK Essay – essay writing service always present a great opportunity for students to learn more about quality writing. Since these services often specialize in a variety of disciplines, students can request papers for what they don’t understand. For example, if a student needs to practice creating an application essay, they can get an admission essay from the writing service and use this as a guide for their own writing. The impetus for these services, however, is payment, and rarely do they offer free resources, so one must be prepared to part with some amount.


This resource gives you the whole shebang of turning into an expert essayist. Essay punch fills the gap for teachers and provides in-depth support for the structure, writing, editing, and publishing. It also provides interactive online prompts to help students understand and navigate the same.

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