6 Questions that Need to be Asked about the Ex-Army Major General S. P. Sinha

A few questions that need to be asked about the Ex-Army Major General S. P. Sinha who made the ridiculous statement of “death for death and rape for rape” to validate what is happening in the Kashmir Valley …..

– Why is an Ex-Army General who was charged with corruption during duty given footage on Prime Time?

– Why was S. P. Sinha not thrown out of the debate immediately after he said those lines?

– What part of “Maut Ke Badle Maut, Rape Ke Badle Rape” is considered to be worthy of an explanation or a debate?

– Why should a formal complaint not be filed against Sinha for inciting violence against one particular community under section 153 (a) of IPC?

– Why should such hatemongering on National Television be allowed and action not be taken against the person and the channel who air such views, which are deliberately instigating under section 505 (b) of the IPC?

– Why should the channel not be severely punished/reprimanded/fined for allowing such hate-mongering to continue on their medium, by the InB Ministry?

Yes, we all know that this can and should be done especially by that Modi Government who is making vociferous claims to curb hate speech and rumor mongering.

But we also know that this will not happen, because the same rabid bhow-bhow S. P. Sinha joined the BJP in 2013.

Disclaimer: UNESCO has declared Modi Sarkar as the 1st Sarkar who plans to curb hate-mongering by everyone else except by their own party men, just a few minutes back. Share and Feel Proud if you are a True Indian.

This post was first written and published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

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