Interesting Facts About Lord Hanuman’s Son Makardhwaja

Lord Hanuman was a celibate who had taken a vow not to marry. However, did you know that Lord Hanuman had a son too? Well, even the Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman wasn’t aware of his son. Here we share with you an interesting story where the father and the son meet in a strange milieu for the first time, and then are compelled to fight each other to protect their masters.

Makardhwaja (At Odadar village – Porbandar, Gujarat, India)

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When the King of Patala Arrested Shri Ram and Lakshman

Ahiravana, the king of Netherland (Patala) once arrested Shri Ram and his brother Lakshman. He imprisoned them and kept them inside his kingdom. Further, Ahiravana gave the duty to his guard at the main gate to not allow them to escape. The guard ensured that the command would be followed.

When Hanuman Met His Son for the first time

In search of Shri Ram and Lakshman, Hanuman reached at the gate of the Patala. Here, he saw a strange creature who challenged him at the gate of the kingdom. He was half Vanar and half Makar. He proudly introduced himself as Makardhwaja, and to Hanuman’s surprise called himself as the son of Lord Hanuman. The Bajrang Bali who was a celibate had no clue what the creature was saying. However, to check whether he was really saying right he went into a deep dhyaan to check all the past events to see whether this would be possible, he then realized Makardhwaja is his own son.

So, how was Makardhwaja born when Lord Hanuman was a celibate?

Valmiki’s Ramayana talks about an incident where Hanuman burns the entire Lanka with his tail. After burning the whole of Lanka, there emerges a tremendous amount of heat in Hanuman’s body so much that he dives into the sea to cool himself. It is said that a drop of his sweat fell inside the mouth of a large fish named Makardhwaj. Some even believe that it was Hanuman’s reproductive fluid that fell inside Makardhwaja’s mouth making her pregnant. This is how Lord Hanuman’s son Makardhwaja was conceived.

How did Makardhwaja reached Ahiravana’s Kingdom?

The huge fish is then caught by the people of the Ahiravana’s kingdom who gift the fish to the king. Once the fish is cut, they remove Makardhwaj from the stomach and give him the same name as that of the fish. Ahiravana is impressed by Makardhwaja’s strength and prowess, and this is how Makardhwaja gets the job of guarding Ahiravana’s main gate.

Does Makardhwaja allows his father Hanuman to get inside the gate to reach Shri Rama?

Makardhwaja is more than glad to meet his father, the mighty warrior Hanuman. However, he is not the one who can be disloyal to his master who has taken care of him for so many years. He therefore, requests his father to fight with him if he wants to rescue Shri Ram and his brother Lakshman. Lord Hanuman is impressed by his son’s qualities. The two fight in a duel and the father binds his son, only to go inside the kingdom, kill Ahiravana and rescue Lord Ram and Lakshman.

On Shri Ram’s advice, Lord Hanuman then makes his son Makardhwaja, the king of Patala and embarks his journey towards Lanka to rescue Mata Sita.

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