Farmers Protest: Look up to Causes and not up to Heroes!


The last few days have seen quite a few ups and downs in the Farmers movement. We saw the hurt and depressed farmers taking off to their villages as the crowds shook their heads in dejection after the 26th Jan incident.

And we saw the same Farmers doing an about turn and returning to the protest sites as they saw their leader cry, being cheered by the same ones who had started maintaining a distance.

We saw the shift of focus from Punjab to UP, the rise of the new Heroes and new Villains. And like me, I am pretty sure many others might have been surprised at finding ourselves on the same side of people we have been fighting against since so many years.

The Khaps who have made oppressive laws statements against the women of the country, the people who have waged riots against the Muslim minority. Hell, some of them might even be outright Modi Supporters at one point of time. I know it’s confusing, but let’s understand one thing…..

This particular protest is not an all encompassing protest. The Farmers are not fighting for secularism or women’s rights or discrimination against minorities. They are fighting for their own Rights of Livelihood.

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This is not the only fight, but one amongst the many fights that the oppressed are fighting against the Govt. So whether we like our companions or not, the wise thing to do is to continue the support without trying to cast a shadow on the protests by finger pointing at the emerging leadership.

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When this movement ends, and it will, whether on a positive note or otherwise, we will see new leaders arise to the forefront….. Equally flawed, equally human…some outright evil……the idealistic fight for secularism and equality for all will continue. But that’s for another time.

Right now, we have to take a lesson from the life of Shivaji Maharaj, who made peace with the Mughals to fight against the Shahs and made peace with the Shahs to fight against Aurangazeb. These are marriages of convenience which sometimes have to be done.

And finally, remember, you were raising your voice for the CAUSE and not for a PERSON. Irrespective of who the person is at the forefront, the Cause doesn’t change.

Tomorrow we might have to raise our voices against those who are currently on the same time, and when that is needed, it shall be done…..but till then that can our drawing room debates can be put on a back burner.

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Disclaimer: Look up to Causes and not up to Heroes, Heroes tend to fall……causes remain absolute.

This post on Farmers protest by Darshan Mondkar was first published on his Facebook Timeline.

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