The Truth Behind Getting Feedback from Employees

Organizations are composed of people who have different opinions about various things. The way they perceive occasions and circumstances vary, thus, they may have opposing reactions even when faced with the same situation.

A lot of organizations nowadays have already adopted the so-called bottom-up approach. This strategy works by keeping their ears to the ground and consider these inputs in the decision-making process. For example, your company’s income is plunging. As such, you need to look for ways on how to improve your sales performance. You surely have your idea of how to deal with it. Nevertheless, you should not discount the fact that your employees may have a better strategy to address it.

Hearing your employees out has several benefits, especially to your business. Here are some of the major results that would you get to enjoy if you learn to listen to your employee feedback:

  • It brings about impact. A study published by the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) shows the importance of a feedback system. The study stressed on mainstreaming a performance feedback culture (PFC) within organizations. This was the realization among the 234 respondents. It was found out that outcomes that are employee-oriented resulted in better financial success.
  • It gives employees the chance to communicate with management. Employee feedback is essential in making your people feel that the management cares for them. It is one way of allowing them to share their thoughts.
  • It is a strategy to improve employees’ performance. With an effective system in gathering feedback, you can have ideas on how to make your employees’ condition better. Through it, you will learn about the improvements they want you to consider. When employees are motivated, they are expected to provide better performance and productivity.
  • It increases everyone’s engagement. Getting the employees engaged in the organization’s operations is another way of making them feel important. By asking for their opinions on matters affecting the company, they get a sense of involvement and engagement.

With the importance of employee feedback systems, focusing on how you are going to gather their thoughts will be the next step.

Here are some mechanisms to do it:

  • Conduct a strengths-based survey. The goal of this is to make an inventory of your employees’ strengths and how to unleash these strengths further. They could undergo an assessment survey to gauge their strengths and potentials.
  • Prioritize anonymity. If you want to draw honest feedback from your employees, you need to consider their anonymity. Remember that not everyone is willing to speak out if their identity is known.
  • Ask about the challenges they experience at work. In every task, employees may encounter different difficulties. Ask employees about the things that limit them from performing well. By doing so, you do not only learn about their experiences. It also gives you the chance to engage them in improving the organization’s operations.

Getting feedback from employees is an essential component of success. However, you may want to consider giving them feedback, too. Recognize them once in a while for a job done well.

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