Advice to the First Time Mom-To-Be in Today’s Time

A lot of queries run into the minds of first time mothers – Am I doing this correct? How much weight gain is normal? What is the ideal diet regime? While, elders in the family are seen giving their advice and age old nukse, as a mom-to-be in this modern age there are some special instructions you need to follow

Wondering what are the expert pregnancy advise you need to follow in the coming next weeks? Well, read on –

Do not Google each and everything

Ok, so, your sister told you scary stories about a certain symptom and you can’t stop browsing about it on Google. Stop doing that. If you really feel that it is a cause of concern, then secure an appointment with your doctor. They know the best. Stop searching it on Dr. Google.

Stop Stressing Over Symptoms

Certain symptoms like fatigue, morning sickness are a very much part of the process. No use of stressing over it. Being stressed and anxious day in and day out isn’t good for your overall health. Try to get enough rest and sleep so that you can enjoy the process of pregnancy instead of stressing.

Do not Fret over Weight Gain

There is no point in losing sleep over gaining weight during pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor on what should be the normal weight gain during the period of pregnancy. You can plan your diet in consultation with the doctor.

Do not Get into a Maternity Shopping Sphere

Maternity clothes have come a long way. Gone are the days when you had to wear dresses that resembled curtains. During the first trimester you might get over with wearing your regular set of clothes, but once the baby bump starts to show off, do not get into a maternity shopping sphere. Investing in a pair of long pants or T-shirts is a sensible decision as you can leave your usual buttons unbuttoned without anybody noticing it.

Get a Maternity Pillow

During the period of pregnancy a good sleep is very important to keep you going during the day’s time. So invest in a pregnancy pillow as it would help you to give quality sleep.

Exercise Is Important

A proper exercise regime is a healthy habit during pregnancy. No point in jumping to a rigorous exercise regime though. Yoga and exercise under the guidance of experts and professionals can help you combat fatigue and even help you in dealing with excessive weight gain issues.

Last but not the least, in case of any doubt, always seek your doctor’s advice.

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