5 Reasons to Go to Flagstone Creek Park in Toowoomba QLD Australia

Australia’s second largest state is Queensland. It values conservation of the environment and wildlife, as evidenced by its 400 conservation or protected areas that cover a total area of 69,388 square kilometers. Meanwhile, in turn, it has a pride-and-joy of a part known as Flagstone Creek Conservation Park as part of the many conservation areas of the state. It has 335 meters of elevation and has a length stretching to 4.54 kilometers.

If you’re a tourist interested in visiting the sights and sounds of the Land Down Under, here are the five reasons why you should give Flagstone Creek a shot for your vacation.

It’s (Mostly) Free or Affordable:

There’s no price or bargain that’s better than getting something for free. Anyone can visit a national park any time and Flagstone is no exception. Sure, there might be some fees in regards to parking or other tourist activities. However, it’s mostly a free trip if you choose it to be and it’s not like going to a Disneyland park where you have to pay for every little thing at the concession stands or rides. It’s better to go all-natural and enjoy nature parks with minimal to no man made construction present.

It’s Healthy:

Have you been getting exercise from your desk job where you sit down most of the time? Probably not. It’s probably why you’re having an Australian vacation in the first place. Regardless, aside from unwinding and relaxing, you can go to the Flagstone Park for the sake of walking, power walking, bush walking, hiking, and trail running activities. That should help fulfill your body’s daily exercise quota. The trail begins at Hellhole Creek Road and ends at Sutcliffes Road.

It’s Good for the Environment:

Visiting Queensland’s Flagstone Creek Park isn’t only a good way to support Australia’s conservation efforts through tourism. It’s also a great way to skip driving around in rented cars to get to various gasoline-powered or electric-powered rides. What’s more, aside from saving gas and preventing additional carbon emissions, you also get to have a better appreciation of the beauty of Mother Nature in the form of biodiversity in flora and fauna. Don’t forget to pack your own garbage bags though.

The City Is Putting on a Show For You:

Queensland is putting a show on for you in the form of an environmental celebration instead of a local festival littered with confetti, garbage, and plastics that harm the environment. You’ll be given trail maps and hand-curated driving instructions to prevent you from wasting gas and driving around in circles. You’ll also be walking in trails with many other like-minded environmentalists concerned with the future of the planet. Also, if you’re planning to get married in Toowoomba, go to Preston Peak Wines for more details.

It Introduces Your Kids to a Joys of The Outdoors:

Kids nowadays are too focused on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Reintroducing them to more physical recreational activities and the beauty of nature without technology should help them become more well-rounded people. Besides which, they’re going to a conservation site that’s also a park, which should tickle the fancy of Millennials who are all about fighting climate change and saving the environment.

Because Flagstone is a protected area, that means no structures can be built on it. It can’t be used for specified purposes. Its main claim to fame is that it conserves the natural beauty of the area in park form, which drives tourism up and helps fund the conservation efforts of the Queensland government.

Going to Flagstone and its many trails is like undergoing an adventure of sorts where you get to explore the gorgeousness and biodiversity of Queensland in an up-close-and-personal manner. What are you waiting for? Visit Flagstone Creek Conservation Park today and get all these outdoorsy benefits as a tourist.

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