Why Is Freedom of Speech on Campus an Essential Part of College?

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Freedom of speech is one of the most significant and important civil rights of citizens, and an integral element of freedom of information. It is an opportunity to publicly (by means of words and using the media) express one’s opinion. Since the nineteenth century, high school or university were an autocratic mechanism. Its main task was to convey knowledge to students. Today, this tendency is changing, as the educational principles are being introduced in democratic institutions. Today, educators all over the world discuss how to introduce changes in college, why equality on campus is important and what democracy means for institutions of education.

But how to define whether that freedom actually exist in an educational entity or it is just a mask that covers bureaucracy and repressions? There is no universal recipe, as every institution should look for its own approaches and correct them. If there are a desire and motivation (and they are in many schools), then the aim to teach freedom of speech will succeed.

Does Freedom of Speech Exist in College?

Most people believe that the freedom of speech issue affects only the media, public activists, politicians, but non-public people have more rights that should be defended. However, this problem affects students every day. Free speech can put an end to corruption in higher education institutions, as there is an opportunity to find a top custom essays in usa.

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Such principles exist in a democratic college, where the administration regulates the process of learning and the relationship between students, teachers, and parents with the help of certain rules. The educational institution tries to involve all stakeholders, such as community, parents, students, and teachers in solving certain problems. The college is a model of society, where students receive a certain life experience, exercise their rights and perform their duties.

However, compared to authoritative educational institutions, a free speech college will not have a large number of prizewinners at competitions, because it is important to remember that equality is a process, so it is essential to be constantly regulated in democratic campuses.

For the free society, education is a set of practices and actions aid at training young people and adults in active participation in democratic life. It goes without saying that in any society such thing as freedom of speech is humiliated from time to time.

Is a Freedom of Speech Currently under Attack?

The today’s college protesters might sometimes confuse offensive topics with some points of view that initially have no attempt at offending anyone. The latest incident was admitted at Lewis & Clark College law school in Portland, Ore., where a group of protesters tried to stop a speech of a scholar and feminism critic Christina Hoff Sommers.

After a failed attempt to get her disinvited, the students repeatedly disrupted her talk with chanting and loud music. This case shows us two completely different views on the situation. On the one hand, it’s a sign of chilling authoritarianism, but on the other, evidence proclaims that freedom of expression on campuses is alive and supported by most students.

But there is evidence that the problem of left-wing intolerance in the universities is real and damaging. The college protesters consider intolerably offensive. Those, who opposed Sommers as a promoter of “male supremacy”, broke her arguments, exclaiming there is no sexual assault on campus and any pay difference for women and men doing the same work.

All in all, expression freedom exists, but it is under attack in our universities. Second, the concept of universities as intellectual spaces is also under attack due to intellectual laziness accompanied by ideology and anger. The result, too often, is not a contest of ideas; it is a struggle for power.

How to Prevent Committing it?

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Professors’ task in any college, where the freedom of speech is viewed as a top priority but is attacked too often to be unnoticed, is to teach students to the notion of equality, while students need to understand what free speech. They must participate in the public life of the country and be aware of the fact that they are an important part of society. They need freedom of thought and speech, an opportunity to participate in college leadership, where the cooperation of teachers and students is an essential part of college.

In a college, where students are taught to freedom of expression, they learn how to express their thoughts with confidence, respect each other, struggle against discrimination and prejudice, resolve the conflict peacefully and perceive the established organizational structure that regulates certain rules.

Strengthening discipline serves as the benefit of democratic governance in college, where freedom of speech is essential an educational process. Management, which is based on trust, is more sustainable and effective, than the one, which is based on fear. If you trust the students, they become more responsible. In a democratic educational institution, children are taught to respect opinions of other people, resolve conflicts, and understand that every person is a person.

Today, many European colleges have elements of equality and freedom of speech. The educational system’ task is to strengthen these trends and support teachers, colleges, and administration, who tend to democratize educational institutions. The administration of European colleges understands that they need democratization because distributed responsibilities between teachers, parents, and students are effective.  

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