Funeral Flowers: Flower Arrangements for the Funeral

funeral flowers
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You might have several questions about funeral flowers – which flowers and flower arrangements are suitable for the funeral? what are the right colors?where do we place the funeral flowers? and how do we order funeral flowers online? Well, we in this article will not only answer these questions but also provide you with a price overview of the various funeral floristry offers.

For centuries, flowers have traditionally been used during burial and tending to graves. Funeral flowers in beautiful arrangements shape the atmosphere of a funeral. They are a final greeting from relatives and mourners to the deceased.

Why Funeral Flowers?

In the context of a funeral service and the subsequent burial, funeral bouquets, wreaths and flower arrangements serve as an expression of solidarity, appreciation and respect for the deceased and as a sign of sympathy for the relatives. Depending on the arrangement and color, they can create a friendly or festive atmosphere. Their fresh colors and their vibrancy have a comforting effect in the face of grief and death.

Who makes the Flower arrangements?

You can order funeral flowers online. In the vicinity of cemeteries there are often florists who specialize in the production of mourning bandages and grave decorations. The finished flower arrangement is usually delivered directly to the mourning hall.

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Where will flowers be placed for the funeral?

  • The flower arrangement forms a frame for the coffin or urn . Therefore, depending on the course of the funeral, it is already set up for laying out , but at the latest before the start of the funeral service in the funeral hall.
  • The mourners can put their flowers on the coffin or urn or hand them over to the undertaker.
  • After the funeral ceremony, coffin decorations, funeral wreaths and funeral bouquets are brought from the undertaker to the grave, where they remain after the coffin or urn has been lowered. After the grave is closed, the flowers are placed on the burial mound.

Choice of floral greeting

Whether you contribute a bouquet, a wreath or even a coffin bouquet depends entirely on your relationship with the deceased. In addition, the choice of funeral flowers also depends on your financial capabilities.

Funeral wreaths

A funeral wreath or death wreath symbolizes the closed circle of life. Usually it is provided with a ribbon and last greetings as well as the names of the donors.

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  • Family members and close friends usually give a wreath.
  • Colleagues and club members often get together and give a wreath together.
  • Funeral arrangements in the form of hearts, crosses or pillows are an alternative to the wreath.

Symbolism of the Mourning Flowers

  • Calla:  The elegant calla is also very popular as a funeral flower. It is considered a symbol of immortality.
  • Chrysanthemums:  White chrysanthemums are also known as death flowers. Due to their color and long shelf life, they are very popular as flower decorations for funerals. They are considered a symbol of pure love.
  • Gerbera:  Due to their strong colors and long shelf life, gerberas have a firm place in funeral floristry. They stand for intimate friendship, light and vitality.
  • Chamomile:  Chamomile, known as a medicinal plant for a long time, symbolizes hope, healing and comfort.
  • Lilies:  Lilies are classic mourning flowers. They stand for pure love and innocence of the heart. In Christian contexts they are also a symbol of godliness.
  • Carnations:  White carnations are known as typical burial flowers. They are long lasting and stand for loyalty beyond death.
  • Roses: Red roses express the deepest bond and deepest affection for the deceased. Therefore, they are usually reserved for the immediate family. White roses represent innocent love and loyalty.
  • Tulips:  Tulips are also often used in modern funeral flowers. With their elegantly shaped calyxes, they stand for beauty and transience.
  • Forget-me-not:  The pretty forget-me-not or memorial with small blue flowers is a symbol of remembrance and loyalty to the deceased.

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