A Guide to Buying Ground Coffee

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Coffee drinkers have come a long way. More than half of the world’s population drinks coffee. In early Britain, everyone was a tea drinker but over time and with the coffee wave rising in the world, Britain now consumes 95 million cups of coffee every day and this has increased the circulation of coffee beans in the UK largely.

Even though half the world population consumes coffee, not even half of this half knows about the kind of coffee they are consuming. It is important that as a product consumers they know about the product, at least for the time they are buying it. These people just head to the supermarkets or the online stores to buy coffee but don’t have sufficient information to make that purchase.

You should know there are over 100 types of coffee beans. And flavor-wise only four of the types are considered to be the most popular, and flavourful: Arabica, Robusta, Libercia and Excelsa (the latter two are less common). There are different kinds of processes that are used to separate these coffee beans and to make coffee too.

Let us now see the guide to buying coffee beans.

Know the different types of beans

Coffee beans on a very fundamental level are categorized on the basis of the regions they are grown in. This regional difference can impact the bean taste hugely. Let us talk about the two general classifications of coffee beans, they are: a) Arabica & b) Robusta.

In most places and by most people, Arabica is considered a higher quality bean as compared to Robusta. It is said to be more fuller in flavor. This bean quality obviously creates a direct impact on the pricing of these two bean types. One finds Robusta easily everywhere and much cheaper than Arabica. (You must have seen expensive arabica beans in different cafes and places with a tag “100% arabica).

We suggest that you obviously get the higher quality beans for yourself but then some people have differently developed taste and they should stick by Robusta or a mixture of both that is made at the pre-ground level. This makes it easier to buy ground coffee.

Try for different brands

Coffee beans are usually differentiated from each other and judged for their quality based on their flavor, aroma, body, and acidity. It is a little like how different kinds of alcohol are segregated or more appropriately, Wine.

As it goes for wine tasting, one must try to figure out their type of coffee by tasting different brands of coffee. Other than selecting the bean, different brands use different methods to process their coffee grounds and many a time it can make all the difference in the taste and texture of the coffee.

This way you will be able to find out your favorites and then later on stick to these specifics. It will be really helpful for a daily consumer when they next go to buy ground coffee.

Beans from brands

It is important to find out the coffee bean brand that you like. There are a lot of different coffee bean brands. Personally, I really like Gimoka coffee beans. It is the largest Italian coffee provider in the UK and in a very personal opinion it probably serves the best Italian coffee that we have ever had.

Although, it is important that you don’t restrict yourself to certain brands when you initially go out to buy coffee grounds. It is important that you explore with full freedom.

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