Health Benefits of Bottled Water

health benefits of bottled water
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Let’s start off with the brushing up on the knowledge that we all have when it comes to drinking water. Our bodies comprise 60% water, well we all know that. Yet, we end up not drinking as much as we need. Most bodily functions like digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature are all happening cause of water. In spite of that, we end up drinking less than the recommended amount of water that we should. We humans are funny that way, we only do things when a dire need arises.

We do not want to sound like just another lecture from a loved one, however here are a few benefits of drinking bottled water from a safe and secure mineral water supplier.

Staying healthy and hydrated: As mentioned previously, we all need a certain amount of water to stay healthy. However, there are a lot of obstacles that sometimes keep people from drinking water periodically. A sedentary life style being at the top of the list, the others include staying indoors at office or home of just having a busy day. Our routines often distract us and hence we forget drinking enough water. In addition to that, given the stress of life, we end up giving in, into sugary and less healthy drinks such as sodas, milkshakes and juices.

But excuses are for the weak! Best methods to get over this is to have a water drinking buddy and set reminders on your smartphone or smartwatch to ensure you drink half a glass of water every hour.

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Taste (only if you like it will you drink it): There is an on-going debate that might never end, one between the taste of bottled mineral water and aqua guard water. The opinion will always be divided. However, to break the monotony, there are multiple types of flavoured mineral water which help improve the water drinking experience for many. But other than just flavour, good quality mineral water suppliers add much needed nutrients and electrolytes which our bodies need to the water that they supply.

Perfect TDS ratios: Tap water is carefully prepared and made drinkable by the used of aqua guards and other processes. However, there are slight chances that there may be some amount of impurities that enter the water through the tap it is being filled through. However, bottled water is considered safer and free of such debris or impurities. The TDS ratio in water is well maintained at the optimum levels as well.

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Advertising and brand recall: We think of everyone, including businessmen and women. Handing over a bottle of water to people who visit you for business meeting is considered a good gesture. Given the current circumstance, it is even better than handing out a glass of water. These personal bottles can also be used as a great tool for advertising.

Weight watching (bonus tip): For those who are looking to shed the excess pounds, did you know that the brain does not know how to differentiate between thirst and hunger too well? Here is a pro-tip, each time you feel like munching something, go open a bottle of some clean distilled water you’ve gotten from the best possible mineral water supplier and drink a glass full. This helps in terms of water intake and also fills the stomach up a little and hence reduces your meal portion size.

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