Here’s How Project Healthureum via Blockchain Technology Aims to Tackle Artifice in Operational Procedures in Healthcare Sector

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Trickery is a major menace affecting the healthcare sector across the world. It drains the economy, as a vast amount of money is lost every year to dubious activities.

The most common issues in the health sector include medical, drug and insurance artifice.  Majorly, it’s a small minority of dishonest caregivers who end up destroying the reputation of the entire healthcare system. The acts of the dishonest end up masking the good deeds of the honest caregivers.

Healthureum platform through the integration of the blockchain technology provides the solution to the healthcare sector. The following, in brief, is how the system works in combating this issue.

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Enabling proper claim assessment

 In the past patients have lost claims due to incomplete data or misplaced records. Insurance companies have been accused of hoodwinking and manipulating patients who end up suffering.

Blockchain solves this challenge through intermediation. The claims are settled through a blockchain based system, and the complaint is issued upon satisfaction of the predefined conditions. Automation reduces human interference thereby addressing the issue of account disputes and reconciliation.

Enhancement of Data Protection

Medical data is sensitive, and the blockchain platform has a method to deal with both the identifiable and the non-identifiable data. The platform enables only the permissioned users in the system to view and make any updates to the data that a patient is willing to share.

The data is stored in a decentralized system, so no single entity is responsible for its storage. The unique platform is secured through cryptography hence keeping the information safe and private. The information is stored in chronological order, and any tampering is recorded with a time stamp. Data alteration is not allowed since verification is needed on all other devices and this makes the system immutable.

Facilitating Proper Recording of the Rendered Services

 The healthureum platform requires all the health care providers to record their findings and the services provided to the patients for them to get paid. Payment for the services received is made by the patient through an automated system on the platform. The accuracy of the stored data ensures that patients pay the correct bills.

Enabling Payment through the Healthureum Tokens

Joining of the Healthureum platform requires one to purchase the Healthureum tokens. All the services rendered in the platform are paid through the HHEM tokens thereby automating the payment process. No activity is allowed to take part outside the platform, and the patients only pay for the recorded services through the automated operations.

Medical infrastructure is purchased by use of the HHEM tokens. Demand and usage of the infrastructure is evaluated to determine the type and the number of equipment needed. Blockchain technology ensures that only the required elements are bought. The equipment obtained is of high quality and standards to provide the best care.

Many developing countries experience the issue of ineffective counterfeit drugs. Fortunately, blockchain technology facilitates an accurate drugs supply management by ensuring that the purchased drugs are of the required quality, thus enhancing the management and wellness of the patient.

The Healthureum platform encourages philanthropist activities with the donations made through the HHEM tokens. Blockchain technology ensures that the money contributed to philanthropist activities are used correctly for research and clinical trials.

In Conclusion

Trickery hinders health sector progress, and there is a great need to tackle this challenge. Healthureum platform solves this challenge through the integration of blockchain technology, and therefore the health sector should embrace it. Healthureum provides a decentralized and immutable system which facilitates a secure and reliable operation of healthcare provision mechanisms.

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