Merits of Hiring a Professional Auto Transport Service


Over 10% of Americans relocate each year, and nearly 32 million people moved across the country in 2019, seeking new job opportunities and a better lifestyle.

With the increasing affordability, about 93% of American households now have access to at least one vehicle. While you hire movers and packers to shift your belongings, how do you plan to take your car to your new address?

Self-driving might seem to be an exciting option, but it comes with its share of challenges. After a point, you will get bored, tired, and at times get stuck with a flat tire.

The optimal solution is to hire a reliable auto transport company that offers an exceptional service for transporting your vehicle across the country. Still not convinced? These merits will undoubtedly compel you to hire a professional for your vehicle transport during your next cross-country move.

Saves Your Money

While driving your car down to your new location, you can burn your pockets, mainly with high fuel prices. Adding to the cost are the mechanical repairs of damages and potential breakdowns.

Hiring a reputed auto transportation service can ease out your financial burden. The company ships multiple vehicles, reducing the overall price per car. Subsequently, you get a reasonable bill, which will perfectly fit in your budget.

Saves Your Time

Long road trips can be fun, but only when you are on holiday. On the other hand, when you have to keep up with a schedule, driving your car to your new destination can spoil your plans.

Shifting to a new location involves many aspects, like coordinating your home renovation work and taking care of utilities before you get settled. Dealing with unexpected weather conditions and car repair works can delay your other scheduled programs.

A reputed car transport service can save you much needed time, that you can utilize productively in exploring your neighborhood, to get a sense of your new lifestyle.

Saves Your Car from Potential Wear and Tear

A reliable car transport service will ship your vehicle on either an open-air or enclosed auto carrier. Such modes of transportation save your car from avoidable wear and tear.

Car shipping proves to be the best solution for car transport, particularly for classic car collectors, since the priceless vintage models require utmost attention and care.

Auto Transport Service Offers Door to Door Shipping

You need not drive your car to the car mover’s location for transportation. Instead, you have to decide the pick-up and delivery dates for moving your vehicle.

Accordingly, the auto transport company will send a trucker to your home to pick your car up and drop it at your required destination address.

Offers Attractive Rates and Discounts

Owing to increasing competition, car shipping companies offer attractive rates and special seasonal discounts, saving you a few bucks.

You will find these services super beneficial when you own multiple cars and need to move them to your new address. The total cost will depend on factors like the type and size of your vehicle, the destination location, total transport distance, and time of the year.

While seeking services to transport your vehicle, ensure you check the FMCSA’s consumer advisory for auto transporters. Understand the company’s shipping conditions, carrier options, and insurance they offer, to select the right car shipping service.

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