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Home Remedy For Burns
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Everybody is vulnerable to burns and injuries while working, especially the women who spends more time than anybody in the kitchen. And most of the times when we suffer from burns we do not know what should be done immediately to ease our pain or decrease the burning sensation.

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While, there might be hundreds of solution with the Doctor, here’s what you can do for a quick relief and/or prevent the damage.

Recently, my mom met with an accident in the kitchen and my smarty grandmother did some really good things which eased her pain. What’s more even the doctor later suggested that all that was done was correct and should be followed always. I’ll share those home remedies to treat burns for immediate relief.


Here are the things you need which is available at home anytime…

First Thing First – Rush to the Bathroom

As soon as the damage happens, quickly run to the bathroom and run water on the burn. If your refrigerator is stacked with some cold water, use it. Keep the affected area under the running water for 15 to 20 minutes. The water will help in minimizing the damage, not allowing the burn to spread. Make sure you do not use ice on a burn because ice will prevent the flow of the blood and even damage the tissues.

Home Remedy For Burns
Source: AnnaER via Pixabay

Apply Toothpaste

After 15 to 20 minutes, dry the affected area by using a towel and then cover the entire area by using a mint toothpaste. Using toothpaste gives you instant relief and even prevents clogging. Make sure you don’t use the colorful toothpastes but the one that is white. It will surely give you the relief from burning sensation.

By: OpenClips via Pixabay
By: OpenClips via Pixabay

You can also use Tea Bags If It Is Available on the spot

Next, if you have tea bags in the kitchen, you can place the wet tea bags on the affected area. However, make sure the bags are of black tea as only black tea contains proportion of Tannic acid, which helps in drawing the heat from the scald. This will reduce your pain.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Since we had a tube of aloe vera gel at our place, we applied a layer of aloe vera on the scald. My mom (the injured person) got almost instant relief whenever I applied the aloe vera gel. It gave her a soothing aid from the burning sensation, and provided the coolness that was required at that moment.



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Meanwhile, send somebody to buy the Ointment ~ Silverex Ionic Ointment

Once you make sure that you calm the burn with all the home remedies mentioned above, get into the medical store and buy the Silverex Ionic Ointment. Suggested and prescribed by doctor for burns, it helps in relieving you from the scars.

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You can Also Apply Coconut Oil

Since Coconut oil contains Vitamin E, one of the best sources of healing skin with  anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, you can apply coconut oil on the burn to prevent it from any type of infection. In addition, In case the burns leave marks on the affected area, you can add lemon juice to the coconut oil and massage on the scald. Being acidic, lemon accentuate in lightning the scar, while oil aids in healing the scar.

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