Why House and Land Packages Make Sense

house and land packages
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If you are in the enviable position to finance a new build, there are many options you can consider, yet perhaps the best way to build your dream home is to seek out a custom builder that offers house and land packages. Rather than having to find the ideal plot of land and secure its purchase, why not use a custom builder who can handle the entire project from initial survey to handing over the keys.

One-Stop Solution

The custom builder, xirconhomes.com.au/ offers house and land packages and has options on many empty plots and when you find a location you like, the builder will talk design with you. If there is an old property on the plot, the builder would have extensive knockdown experience and can demolish and clear the land according to the project dates. The builder deals with planning permission and utility acquisition and they have their own in-house design team who are at your disposal and ready to turn your concept into reality.

Online Solutions

The best place to start your quest for a house and land package would be a Google search for a custom builder near you. Once on their website, you can browse the many plots of land that are available and check out their amazing house designs, any of which can be customised to suit. The average builder would not offer house and land packages and there won’t be many in your part of town, so finding the best builder won’t be an issue. Here is an interesting article on buying your first home at a young age, which is a great start to adulthood.

Project Stages

A typical house and land project would have many stages, starting with new home selection and when that is confirmed, the interior design and fittings would be agreed. upon. At this stage, a contract is drawn up, which the client would receive and would seek legal advice before signing.

Groundworks & Frame Stage

The first stage of the construction begins with the foundations and drainage, plus essential surveys are carried out. Then the carpenters come in to build the roof trusses and frames while arranging for local authority approval. The client would be invited by their contract manager to view the build at this stage and payment would be scheduled with your lending institution. Here is some government information about the design process, which is worth a read.

Lock Up Stage

This is when the walls, doors and windows are installed and with the roof finished, the building is now secure. The electrical system is completed and inspected, as well as the heating/cooling ducting, while plumbing comes a little later, during the fixing stage.

Fixing Stage

Interior plastering, kitchen and staircase, along with all partition walls are completed and inspected; the client is invited for a visual inspection and another payment is made. Now the house begins to look like a real dwelling, as all the fittings are added and it won’t be long before the provisional completion.

Provisional & Final Completion

Floors installed, walls painted, plumbing and HVAC ducting are all finished off at this stage of the project, while secondary fixings such as shower units, stone benchtops, mirrors and door furniture are also signed off. Now is the time you are invited for the provisional inspection and any minor issues are listed and when they have been addressed, the final inspection can take place.

That’s pretty much the process from start to finish when you choose a house and land package, with the builder handling every stage and keeping you informed every step of the way.

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