How Can You Identify A Serial Cheater Before It’s Too Late

serial cheater

Cheating in a relationship is unacceptable. When you are committed to a person, you expect them to be loyal and accept you as their soulmates. Many people cheat once, feel the guilt, and make up their minds to never cheat again. In such cases, cheating may sometimes strengthen the relationship even more. But the other category is serial cheaters for whom cheating is valid.

Serial cheaters do not feel guilty after cheating, they keep cheating repeatedly, and there is no room to change. Cheating is like second nature to them. If your partner has cheated once and you want to know if he/she would cheat again, here are a few serial cheater signs you must look for.

They Avoid Being Serious

The main focus of serial cheaters is to have fun and enjoy. They avoid any serious topics like marriage and career. Serious topics lead to setting expectations, giving reassurances, making promises, committing deeply, and emotional investment. Serial cheaters do not want to make any such commitments. Doing this allows them to say that they never committed to you when they are caught cheating.

They Get Easily Bored

Serial cheaters always crave the thrill they get by being with a new person. They stay in a relationship with you as long as they don’t find someone more attractive. If the new person also shows signs of acceptance, they get easily swayed away, leaving you behind. For such people, it’s not a matter of ‘if they will cheat,’ but of ‘when.’

They Justify Cheating

A serial cheater will always downplay the severity of infidelity. In a discussion about relationships and infidelity, they may try to justify cheating with statements like ‘everyone cheats,’ ‘what’s wrong in having fun sometimes?’ If your partner believes that there is nothing wrong with cheating and it’s not a big deal, he or she is not the right person you should be with.

They Have No Empathy and Remorse

Even if you caught them cheating red-handedly, they behave as if it was not their fault. When you confront them to cheat you and hurt your feelings, they show no signs of remorse. They have no empathy towards your needs and feelings. They show indifference and try to rationalize having hurt or mistreated you.

They Cheated in Their Previous Relationships

If they have admitted having cheated in their past relationships, then you need to be extra cautious. Try to find out the reason for cheating, whether they feel guilty for it or blame everything on their partner with no remorse feeling. Do they take responsibility for their action, and have they taken steps to avoid such patterns in their future relationships?

You Were the ‘Other’ With Them at One Point

If they cheated their previous partner for you, there are chances they may cheat you for someone else. Such people are not ready to commit to relationships and keep changing partners for fun and thrill.

It might be hard to spot these serial cheater signs first, but if your partner has already cheated once with you or someone else, you need to ensure that it is not their habit. Pay attention to these signs.

If they do not show any feeling of remorse and are not ready to change their behavior, think again before continuing this relationship. Taking an extreme step now is better than getting hurt in the future.

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