How Do I Make Money Online Consistently from a Decade Now: 7 Ways!

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It’s been more than a decade since I have been working from home and making money online. Interestingly, every penny that I have been earning is not because of my academic knowledge but my acquired skills on the Internet. In these 10 years never did I apply for a job nor did my wallet compelled me to go in that direction. By mastering new skills mostly through free tutorials and/or learning by trial-and-error basis, I have various source of online income. Here in this article, let me share with you my story – how do I make money online consistently on a regular basis. And if I can, so can you.

Content Writing

Although writing has been a passion never did, I know it will become my source of income until of course a random article on a platform earned me some dollars in December 2010.  Online content writing, however is way different than normal writing but with the help of technical skills, copy writing knowledge and understanding marketing needs, I ventured into the field and have been doing all sorts of writing including article writing and blog writing under the brand name Digital Samvaad, a content writing agency in Mumbai.

How Do I Make Money Online Consistently as a Writer? Well, Blogging is the Answer

From a blog on Blogger in 2007 to a WordPress blog and now professional blogs, a huge chunk of my money online comes from Blogging. Interestingly, anybody can start a blog and/or a vlog and make money online through Google Adsense and from advertisers who want to sell their products/services on your website. A huge source of my income comes from Adsense and such advertisers.

Besides, now that I have technical know-how of a blog and know how to manage blogs, I also manage company blogs along with on-page SEO that is quite necessary to boost a blog’s ranking on search engine.

Sponsored Posts/Guest Blogging

If you have a blog or a vlog, another great way to make money online is through sponsored posts and/or by being an influencer – something that is quite an in-thing as of now. Here, you promote a brand’s product, event, services and in return get a compensation (sometimes voucher, freebies, free trips, plane tickets) for both, your advertorial space and efforts. This goes perfectly well when you have a niche website as brands from your niche/genre/industry are constantly looking for bloggers and content creators to get in touch. No wonder, everybody wants to connect quickly and easily with their potential customers.

Trading in Stock Market

Ok, so this is way different than writing but over the years I have studied, experimented and with the help of inputs by my father have made money online through investment in equity. This is a great way to compound your money. Many of my friends and colleagues are investing in cryptocurrencies but again, my interest lies in stock market as it is quite reliable and is one of the best ways to make money while you sleep. From positional trading to swing trading and investing for long-term, I’m doing it all.

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Assisting StartUps with Pitch Deck, White Papers etc

Most of the startups need pitch deck to present their idea/concept to seed investors, venture capitalists, partners, co-founders and even customers. So, I have been making these brief presentations by telling the company’s story and engaging people emotionally through pitch deck white papers and company profiling. Ghostwriting for startups has become quite a fun thing for me especially now that every startup is different from another.

Selling Ebooks and Online Courses

If you are a master of a subject, you can always write an ebook and sell online and at the same time start online courses. I, for instance have online courses on blogging and content writing for those interested to learn the tips, tricks and strategies. One of my friends, a pro in manifestation has several courses on money manifesting and she is earning a good amount because her techniques do work. If you are great at something and have immense knowledge you too can conduct online courses and/or make a program and sell them online.

Apart from that, I have made Memes, creatives and helped my blog and content writing agency to scale well in the digital marketing arena. Many of my colleagues who are into content writing and blogging are also into digital marketing. Some have almost made a fortune by their digital marketing courses, tools and programs. And yes, some even sell stock photos on the Internet.

And In 2022, I’m Looking to Make Money Online Through NFTs

For content creators, graphic designers and artists, NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a great way to earn some good amount of money online. Going forward, I am planning to increase my source of income by venturing into NFT marketplace and selling my creation as an NFT. After all any money is good money, right?

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These are some of my legit ways of how do I make money online consistently from a decade now, what are your ways?

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