How the Three Farm Laws Will Be Repealed in Parliament: Here’s the Procedure

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PM Narendra Modi announced on the morning of Guru Purab (November 19, 2021) that the Center has decided to repeal the three farm laws. However, the farmer continues to protest till the farm law is repealed in the Indian Parliament in the coming winter session.

Article 245 of the Indian Constitution gives the legislative body with the power to repeal laws just the way it gives power to the Parliament to make laws. This act was passed in 1950 when 72 obsolete laws were repealed.

Now if you are wondering,  

How the three farm laws will be repealed in Parliament, here’s the procedure –

The procedure of repealing any law in India is quite simple. The government can repeal any law in either of the two ways –

In cases, where one law is undergoing several amendments – first, a bill seeking repeal is moved in the House. The bill is passed. The government then moves a new bill to replace the outgoing law. Next, the government also lists few members from the Opposition to move the repeal. These members then highlight the shortcomings of the law being repealed. Next starts the House voting for the law to be repealed. The new Bill is then moved to replace the outdated law.

However, here, in the three farm laws case, there is neither any replacement nor any amendment to the existing bill. In such a scenario, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar will most likely move three farm bills repealing the three farm laws. While doing so he along with others will speak on the merits of the laws (the PM did defend the law in his morning speech and even said how it would benefit farmers) and why despite all this, laws are being repealed.

Next, members of the opposition too will be given the opportunity to speak and then the three bills to repeal the three laws will be then put to vote. Both the houses will follow the procedure. This is how the farm laws will be repealed in parliament.

No wonder, the agitating farmer groups have already stated that only after the Parliament repeals the three farm laws, they are going to end the protest. Not to forget, their other petition to the government of giving MSP guarantee to farmers.

Indian Farmers Continue to protest in Ghazipur. Pic Courtesy: Kunwar Sahab

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This is not the First Time the Narendra Modi Government is Repealing any Law

During his 2014 general election campaign, Narendra Modi then had advocated for the repeal of the old unnecessary laws that obstruct both individuals and businesses. In 2015, he also stated how his government had even identified 1,877 Central laws for repeal. Post which, The Repealing and Amending Bill, 2019 was introduced by Law and Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in the Lok Sabha. The bill not only repealed 58 Acts but also made minor amendments to the Income Tax Act, 1961 and The Indian Institutes of Management Act, 2017. The Narendra Modi government repealed 1,428 acts from 2014 to 2019. Check out the list of all the 58 repealed laws here.

Besides, this is the second time the NDA government took a U-turn ahead of the assembly elections. In 2015, ahead of the Bihar elections, it agreed to bring back critical clauses of the 2013 land acquisition law passed during UPA, retracting from its previous position.

Pic Courtesy: Kunwar Sahab

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