7 Easy Steps To Accomplish Anything In Life

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Are you overwhelmed with all the work you have to finish? Many people get too frustrated with their life mainly due to lack of motivation. Staying motivated is the key to get things done. But sometimes it could be challenging under hard circumstances. So, we listed down seven steps to accomplish anything in life.

1. Write Your Plan In Detail

The key to get things done is to write down your specific plan in details ahead of time. By knowing how you are going to achieve it and by identifying ways you will do to get things done. For example, you wanted to lose weight and want to lose 20 to 30 pounds in following months. You should carefully plan how you are going to achieve that. List down a diet plan or an exercise plan that you would follow to reach your goal. As you see results, you will be motivated to continue with the process and accomplish something.

2. Stay Organized

It’s good to have a lot of ideas in mind, especially when you are working on a project or anything. However, a cluttered mind cannot accomplish anything, so it is a must to stay organized. List down the ideas you have on a piece of paper or a project management software like Asana or Trello so you can visibly see what needs to be done first or prioritized. Then after you have them all written down and categorized according to urgency, you will be surprised at how easy it is to do things one at a time. If you have no time to stay organized, hire someone to keep you on track or ask a mentor or a coach to help you stay organized. Sometimes, all you need is a partner to remind you of things you need to get done.

3. Write Down Your Whys

Your biggest why determines your success. If you think about the reason why you want to succeed then definitely, your vision becomes clear. Know your passion and along with it is your Why. When you search answers for WHY question, you can slowly find solutions to your problems.  

4. Visualize The Feeling Of Achieving The Goals

You can create a vision board and place pictures of things you would want to achieve in the coming years. Visualize your goals by fully immersing yourself as if you are already there.  Successful people visualize what they want to accomplish in life by feeling it, seeing it, and hearing the sound of applause. Most popular athletes have used visualization exercises to help them win the game most of the time.  If you imagine yourself in a bigger picture, that can motivate you to do better.

5. Set Attainable Targets and Rewards

It could be really overwhelming and stressful to tackle all the things in life at once. But an excellent way to get things done is by setting small targets and achieving one by one. The term “chunking” has been used to help narrow down a big task to smaller achievable tasks. It involves breaking down smaller tasks into practical steps at a time. Using this technique can trigger your brain’s reward center wherein it releases a good hormone called dopamine. Dopamine helps in concentration and focus on accomplishing any given task.

6. Be Prepared For Change And Be Flexible For Goal Attainment

Change cannot be avoided. If all else fails, there are always a million ways to try again. Don’t let changes affect the way you do things. Sometimes problems may arise in the middle of our work. Don’t ever think of changes or mistakes as failures instead think of it as a way of looking for the perfect solution. Successful people had their share of multiple failures, but still, they continued until they have reached their peak of success.

Change is inevitable, and it can also help you get up and moving. Giving up is not an option when you are really longing for things to get done. Let changes motivate you to do things better. Staying flexible in anything is always one of the best life hacks you can apply in your life when accomplishing any goal.

7. Get help

To accomplish more, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it alone while working 24/7. If you really want to accomplish a big task faster, why not ask for help. Sharing your plan with others won’t mean people will steal your ideas and become your competitor in business. Sharing your burden with a certain group of people or a partner can help lessen the burden of workload you have to accomplish. If you have a thriving business and it already has more workload, hiring people to help manage emails, deliver content and doing customer service will help lessen your burden of doing everything by yourself.


Try to love your life and stay motivated and follow above-mentioned steps every time you try to achieve something big. If you are still hate your life, there are so many ways to stop hating your life. Life is the best gift you have ever got. 

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