How to Avoid Headaches and Fatigues While Travelling

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Although the notion of travelling may have taken a “back seat” recently thanks to the current global health situation, the fact of the matter is that life will return to normal. Once again, many of us will be keen to travel to distant locations for business or pleasure. The only problem here is that travelling can be rather stressful for those who are prone to physical ailments such as headaches. There can even be times when a nagging headache ruins your entire journey. How will you be able to avoid such headaches or lessen their severity? The professional suggestions mentioned below should come in handy.

Appreciating the Physical Root of the Headache

We often associate common headaches with situations such as mental stress or a lack of sleep. However, this condition can also be caused by areas of the body that do not seem to be directly connected. One common example is pain in the lower back. If specific muscles cramp while seated for long periods of time, these can begin to press on nerves within the spinal column (the sciatic nerve is a well-known example). The pain may then begin to radiate up these nerves to manifest itself as a headache. Therefore, always be sure that you are seated comfortably. You can also choose to purchase a small cushion that provides additional lower lumbar support.

The same holds true if your neck happens to remain in an uncomfortable position for extended periods of time. If you are planning an extensive journey by train or a long-haul flight, it is prudent to purchase a travel pillow which can be placed over your shoulders. This seemingly humble item will provide extra support while ensuring that your neck remains in the proper position.

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Dealing with Eye Strain

Many headaches can trace their roots to strain within the eyes and forehead. Squinting is perhaps the most well-known reason why individuals develop headaches when staring at a computer for extended periods of time. One stylish and effective solution is to purchase a pair of computer glasses. These glasses help to block out a wavelength known as “blue light”. This is the very same light that can lead to eye strains if left unchecked.

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Remaining awake for extended periods of time (such as if you are a nervous traveller) can likewise cause your eyes to become dry and fatigued; potentially leading to a headache. Even if you cannot sleep, try to close your eyes and allow them to rest. You may also choose to employ an eye mask for travellers if the overhead lights are causing you discomfort.

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To be absolutely clear, not all headaches can be prevented and some of us are more prone to developing them than others. However, the recommendations mentioned above can all be quite useful if you are hoping to lessen their frequency and severity. If you have been suffering from severe headaches, it is wise to speak with a doctor in order to discover if specific medications may prove to be of assistance.

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