How to Celebrate Special Occasions During Lockdown

celebrate special occasion during lockdown
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The COVID-19 epidemic already has a major impact on daily life for most children and young people, with schools closing, examinations canceled and holidays postponed.

For April, many people in and around your friend circle have their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. But while in quarantine doesn’t not mean that you can’t celebrate your special occasion. This year, make it memorable by staying at home. Yes, make it even more exciting and worth remembering by celebrating in a traditional yet trendy way. Here are some amazing ideas to celebrate your special occasion. Check out these fun ways to celebrate your big day during coronavirus lockdown.

Dress Up

Who all are missing dressing up in this lockdown? Probably everyone especially when celebrating an occasion. While you may be in a lockdown or worse, it does not mean that you can’t dress up on your special occasion. If you love to dress up, just take out your dress from the closet with matching shoes and get ready to enjoy the special day of your life. Don’t forget to capture the moments (later you can post it on social media).

Exchange gifts

Despite many stores being closed, online retail is open for business. Use your indoor time by browsing for the perfect gift and choosing something unique and special. This effort would be greatly appreciated by your loved ones. For instance, if you are celebrating birthday or anniversary or Raksha Bandhan, rather than shopping in stores, you can place an order for birthday or rakhi gifts online. There are a plethora of options available online no matter what your preference is – silver rakhi, diamond rakhi, divine rakhi and many more.

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Organize a virtual House Party

Video-chatting apps like Houseparty, Zoom, and Skype are tailor-made for virtual parties. These apps let you connect with your family and friends from your own homes via Webcam and can host some of the best virtual gatherings.

While you are in quarantine, make the most of these apps and catch up with all your friends online. For example, if it’s your or your friend’s birthday you can set up one video call and celebrate it all together.

Send Card Through Apps

No matter what age you are, everyone likes to get cards. If you are not able to deliver the card to a person or even can’t send it in an old fashioned way, you can use apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. No matter where you are, despite the miles your wishes will make them smile.

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Enjoy a Fancy Restaurant Dinner

Okay, so you might have planned a night at your favorite restaurant, but you can enjoy some delicious food at home. Why not involve your family or partner to spend some time on a special course meal during the day? You can set some candles, take your favorite wine bottle and bring the restaurant home.

So, these were some fun ways to celebrate your special occasion while you are in lockdown. So, don’t be sad because apart from everything you can still celebrate your special occasions while stuck at home.

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Stay home, stay safe!

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