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After a tiring day at work, all a person wishes to do is to put some comfy clothes and roll over the bed in order to ensure a comfortable ending of the day. This surely can never be possible if the choice of bed and mattress is not up to the mark. If you are still thinking that there’s just one-bed size and mattress type for one and all, this is the right time to burst that bubble. The correct choice of a mattress is utmost important as the bodies of different persons require to be exposed to a specific pressure while sleeping or even relaxing.

This is why it becomes important to do some market research to actually get to know the diversity in mattresses so that you can finally get the one that is made for you. Idle Sleep is an American based company that provides a wide range of mattresses that are designed specifically according to the need of the consumer. Thus, enabling a person to choose the perfect mattress at an affordable price. The company claims to use two-sided designing structures for manufacturing their mattresses that accounts for the unmatchable comfort and durability of the mattresses.

There are four collections of Idle Sleep mattresses that successfully manage to cover all the majorly required mattress types:

The Idle Hybrid: The weight of the person using the mattress plays a crucial role in the level of comfort experienced by the person and this is why the designing of mattresses is done according to the weight they are going to be exposed to. The Idle Hybrid mattress is designed using a six-layer technology and is best suited for a lighter person.

According to the manufacturer, this mattress is a hybrid form of the foam type and spring/coil type mattresses, thus providing a perfect combination of the both. The premium material that is used to engineer this mattress promises to result in providing a superior level comfort and support to the person relying on it for a sound sleep. The lower firmness scale of the Idle Hybrid mattress accounts for its best compatibility for lightly weighted people.

The Idle Latex: Manufactured by using a five-level construction of springs and natural material, the Idle Latex mattress uses Talalay latex for its designing. With this mattress, Idle Sleep promises a mattress that is not only bouncier but also has a naturally fast adjusting mechanism that provides an orthopedic feel to the body. The Idle Latex mattress is a 14 inches high mattress that claims to stand out for those who have back problems as this mattress manages to maintain a regular flow of blood and also keeps a comfortable orientation of spine.

The motion, reducing capability of the Idle Latex mattress is worth mentioning as it accounts for the comfort of the partner as well. There is practically no one who likes to wake up with body sweat and this problem is solved by Idle Latex Mattress. Unlike the traditional mattresses, this mattress can help you to get rid of the heat trap during your sleep with its no heat-trapping mechanism. We also recommend checking out the best folding mattress we found online.

The Idle All Foam: Let this be very clear, out of the four collections of Idle Sleep, this is the mattress that wins the race for being the most “comfortable” one. This is because of the fact that this mattress is manufactured to provide the optimum comfort level by the customization of the support and comfort. Idle Sleep promises to use supreme quality material that is not sensitive to temperature, which is why, unlike the traditional foam mattresses, the Idle All Foam mattress does not change its stiffness with temperature changes.

This mattress focuses on neutralizing the pressure points of the body in order to result in the most comfortable and sound sleep one can expect from a mattress. It comes handy to mention that The Idle All Foam mattress is available in various market sizes that include queen size, king size, Cal-king size mattress, twin size, twin-XL size and also the full-size mattress. Thus, you can choose the size that suits you the most.

The Idle Dual Feel: The dual firmness levels provided by The Idle Dual Feel mattress are what makes this one stand out of the league. You will find an eight-layer design that results in making this mattress versatile in nature, thus being suitable to those who are not really aware of the firmness level that suits them the most.

The Idle Sleep has used its two-sided design to manufacture this mattress and has combined two firmness levels, i.e. medium firm and luxury firm into a single mattress. The Idle Dual Feel mattress also comes with the non-heat-trapping mechanism that allows the body to be free from excessive body heat and sweat while sleeping.

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