How to Link Aadhaar Card to Bank Account?

The Indian Government after successful enrollments on Aadhaar cards is now making Aadhaar Card mandatory for many practices. After, LPG and PAN card, the government has now asked Indian residents to link their bank accounts to their Aadhaar card.

Do you know why the Indian Government is asking to link Bank accounts to Aadhaar cards:

Well, so that you get as many benefits as mentioned below –

  1. Direct Benefits Transfer (DBTL): Indian Government provides the residents LPG cylinder subsidy. With the linking of Aadhaar card to Bank account the subsidy amount is directly credited to the Aadhaar linked bank account. If you do not link the Aadhaar card to the bank account you do not get this subsidy which is the difference between the Market rate and subsidized rate of the LPG cylinder.
  2. Subsidy for common use products: Indian government provides subsidy on various items such as kerosene, sugar, rice, pulses etc. The Government provides the subsidy to the products so that the people who are needy are benefited. The subsidy amount will be transferred only to the Aadhaar linked bank account.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MNREGA): It is a labor act and all the wages that fall under this scheme will be credited directly to Aadhaar linked bank account of the workers.
  4. Tribal welfare schemes: The welfare schemes for Tribal have some regular payouts.  The Payouts from these schemes will be credited only to the Aadhaar linked bank account.
  5. Scholarship: The government scholarship amount will be credited to the bank account of students whose bank account is linked to their Aadhaar card.

Does the Government Benefit when citizens link their Aadhaar Card with their Bank account?

Well, the Government doesn’t get any monetary benefit. The only objective behind the process of linking is to ensure that both, the subsidy and monetary benefit reach the right people, the needy ones. With lots of fake profiles availing subsidy as well as government benefits, this step is to put a check on subsidies to the right beneficiary.

How to Link Aadhaar Card to Bank Account?

There are 4 ways (offline as well as online) to link your Bank account to your Aadhaar card. Working on war footing basis to complete the linking of Aadhaar and Bank account, the government has put in some strict timelines to be met:

  1. Bank accounts that have been opened before 1st June 2017 need to be linked before the deadline of 31st December 2017. If failed to do so, the bank account will be temporarily suspended.
  2. Bank accounts that have been opened after 1st June 2017 will have 6 months to be linked to Aadhaar. If failed to do so the bank account will be temporarily suspended.

Link Aadhaar Card to Bank account online:

Link your Aadhaar card to your bank account online follow the below steps:

  • Login to the internet banking service on your banks website. In case you don’t have an online banking ID get it issued by visiting the branch.
  • Access the ‘Link your Aadhaar number’ option or ‘Aadhaar Card Seeding’ option and click on it. On clicking, you will be directed to another page that needs you to enter your account number and Aadhaar card number.
  • Click  ‘Submit’.

When you click on ‘Submit’, your Aadhaar details will be saved in your bank account details. The bank will verify the details. The Aadhaar card will reflect in your bank account only when once details are verified. A confirmation SMS or an email, will be sent to your registered mobile number or email address.

Know How to Link Aadhaar Card to Bank account via ATM:

  • Visit your nearby ATM and do the linking.
  • Swipe the ATM card and enter the PIN. From the menu choose ‘Service – Registrations’
  • Select the Aadhaar option.
  • Select the bank account type and enter the Aadhaar number. You will be asked to reenter the Aadhaar card number to confirm.

Link Aadhaar Card to Bank account via SMS:

  • With your registered mobile number send SMS to 567676 as per the format UID (space) Aadhaar number (space) Account number

  • After the SMS is sent you will receive a reply on your registered mobile number.

  • The bank will confirm Aadhaar number with UIDAI and then send you a confirmation SMS. In case the verification fails still you will get the SMS.

Link Aadhaar through Branch Channel

  • Get the Aadhaar Card & Bank Linking Form either online or from the bank.
  • Fill in the details correctly. Your bank account number, address, IFSC code, Aadhaar number etc
  • Attach the photocopy of your Aadhaar card with it the form.
  • Submit the application form with Aadhaar card copy to the bank official.
  • The bank official may ask you to show the original Aadhaar card so keep it handy.
  • Once the details are verified the account reflects the Aadhaar number

Also Check out this video tutorial on how to link bank account and aadhar card:

List of Banks that Link Aadhaar Card to the Bank Account:

You can link the Aadhaar Cards to your account with any one of the following banks:

  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • HDFC Bank
  • United Bank of India
  • Dena Bank
  • Vijaya Bank
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • Corporation Bank
  • Andhra Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce
  • Allahabad Bank
  • UCO Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Bank of India
  • Syndicate Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • Canara Bank
  • Central Bank of India
  • Citibank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Punjab National Bank
  • IDBI Bank

How to Check the Status Of Aadhar Card Linked With the Bank Account?

Check Status with Bank

Contact the bank by

  • Visiting the branch OR
  • Calling your bank’s toll-free number

Check Status by SMS

  • Dial *99*#
  • Put in your  Aadhaar number
  • Press 1
  • The IVR will let you know the Nam of the bank where the Aadhaar card has been linked

Very soon the linked bank account numbers can make transactions via the Aadhaar card number only. A unification of the resident data, it is therefore mandatory for you to get the linking done to enjoy maximum benefits.

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