How To Make Outdoor Signage Work For Your Business

Outdoor signage is an invitation to any passersby and their friends to come in and use your services or buy products they may want or need. This article is going to teach you how to select signs for your business.

First, we are going to identify the essential must-haves for your signage to catch the attention of customers.

  • Excellent Visibility
  • Easy to Read Signage
  • Good Design and Layout
  • Proper Location and No Obstructions
  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Appropriately Scaled Letters and Easy to Read Font
  • Colors that POP

Now that we have laid out the essentials for effective signs for your business in Cincinnati, LA, NY or practically any other city, let’s talk about them in a little more detail.

Excellent Visibility is Essential

The simple fact is, if the customer doesn’t see the invitation, they are not going to come in or know about the services you can provide them. The customer’s ability to see is dependent not only on the location of the sign. The shape of the sign plays a crucial role in visibility.

Many signs are rectangular or square. Depending on the size of your sign, your business could stand out if your sign is oval or round. The goal is to be visible and stand out. Visibility encompasses several other facets, such as readability, eye-catching design, and location. So let us talk about some of these other facets.

Easy to Read Signage

Font selection is vital to designing a sign that is easy to read. Choose a simple, bold, crisp font. It might be best to steer away from script fonts, as they are harder to read quickly.

Also, do not put too much information on your sign. When it comes to signage, the Less is More principle comes into play. Too much information creates chaos, and people tend to dismiss as much confusion in their lives as possible.

Good Design and Layout

Make your sign engaging. Keep it simple. If you have a large enough sign, choose a catchy branding phrase to identify your business. Use the placement of the letters to create texture and originality and place your logo on your sign.

Adding a border to your layout will increase the speed of your customer’s ability to read the sign. The defining edge on your sign helps the eyes to focus in and read faster.

Proper Location and No Obstructions

Choose a location for your sign that gives you the most unobstructed space possible. Look for power lines, other peoples signs, street lights, or if your neighbor has large trucks parked by your business often.

If there are obstructions, try to place you sign a little high or lower than the obstacle. Or if possible, choose a different location.

When choosing a location, also consider the audience you will be inviting. Will your audience be walking, driving, riding public transportation? Keeping the audience in mind will help you to attract the most customers possible.

Eye-Catching Design

Contrast is key to eye-catching. For the background of your sign, the right colors for contrasting such as black, white, yellow can be a driving force for customers to go ahead and come on into your business.

But as for blue, because it matches the sky, it may make your sign blend in and get lost in the atmosphere. So if blue is your branding color, you may not want to use it for the background of your sign.

Appropriately Scaled Letters

One crucial factor to take into consideration as you make your sign easy to read is the size of the letters. If the letters are too big or small, your potential customers will not be able to read them while they are driving by.

So here is a little formula to follow as a guide in choosing the proper letter height for your sign.

  • Letter Height X 10 = Amount of Feet Best Visibility
  • Amount of Feet Best Visibility X 4 = Maximum Readability Distance
  • (the maximum readability distance is a little conservative, but it will give you an idea of what letter size)

Colors that POP

The power of color and the mind is impressive. Many times colors brand a business more than words. Let me give you a little quiz. What do you think of when you see golden arches with a red background? What if the arches were blue with a red background? Blue arches do not have any branding or create any mental vision with most people. But golden arches with a red background have a solid branding. If you see the colors in your mind’s eye, you begin to get hungry. The sign is calling you, and you are not even near it. That’s the power of color and our eyes.

Color combinations are so crucial to marketing and branding, studies have been done to determine what are the best color combinations for visibility. The Outdoor Advertising Association of American (OAAA) came up with these results:

  • Yellow background and Black lettering
  • White background and Black lettering
  • Black background and Yellow lettering
  • Black background and White lettering
  • White background and Blue lettering
  • Dark Blue background and White lettering
  • Yellow background and Blue lettering
  • Dark Blue background and White lettering
  • White background and Green lettering
  • Green background and White lettering
  • White background and Red lettering
  • Red background and White lettering
  • Yellow background and Red lettering
  • Red background and Yellow lettering

Selecting branding colors for your business that coincide with these color combinations would be a wise choice. Not only do you want passersby to see your sign and visit you. Additionally, you want your sign to keep inviting customers even though they are not on your street.

Signage is imperative to the success of your business. You could have the best products, offer outstanding services, and a phenomenal price. But if no one sees where to find you, your business will struggle to succeed.

Keeping in mind that signage is a large portion of your marketing, can help you see then need to give it a healthy budget. Other forms of marketing strategies come and go through the years. As for your sign, it will stand in front of your business, inviting customers for many years to come.

Well, you have all the tools and are ready now to start designing your sign. While all of this information is fresh in your mind start creating signs for your business in Cincinnati, LA, NY or any city in the United States.

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