How to Think Positive and Productive When You are Sad, Hurt, Unhappy, and Feeling Low?

How to Think Positive and Productive When You are Sad
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Being human we often find ourselves deep down in the low zone where sadness, lowness, feeling weak and/or having a victim feeling consumes all our energy. It can be due to anything – personal issues, relationship woes, professional problems, financial burdens, societal/peer pressures or perhaps our very own overthinking. 

However, good thing is that there is always an easy way to come out of this because all it needs a shift in the mindset and energy alteration. Yes, you can shift your state of mind from feeling low to high, sad to happy, weak to strong, lack to abundance as easy as 1,2,3 by shifting your energy. Now you might think it is easier said than done, but trust me it isn’t that difficult either. All you need is a ‘diversion’ to control your mind and here, we tell you how –

How to Think Positive and Productive When You are Sad, Hurt, Unhappy, and Feeling Low? 

If you are having relationship issues, try to put your energy into your work/project or do something that you always wanted to build/create or experiment with. It will not only make you feel good but you will also feel worthy. Instead of putting your energy into missing, feeling hurt, and/or crying, if you put your energy into any operational or new work, you are not only going to open new doors professionally but also feel worthy and enough. 

The last time I did this, my relationship issue was overshadowed by my secondary source of income. And my energy completely shifted from being a victim to being a receiver of a new source of income, now that unexpected money started to flow. All of a sudden, I felt worthy, amazing and appreciated. And this happened only because instead of being in a victim mode I decided to put my energy in another direction and once my focus shifted and I was in a neutral state of mind, my mood and temperament changed, and so will yours. 

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If you are having professional problems, try spending some time with your loved ones – changing your environment will surely help you to think better. Also, meanwhile, you can help someone in need or read books, watch web series or pursue something very close to your heart (hint: your hobbies) – you will not only shift your energy but in the process are more likely to come out of the unproductive and negative zone that you were surrounded so badly. 

Every time I have professional issues, I try to bond with my old friends and family, reconnect with them for a weekend lunch or perhaps be some kind of help to them. Sometimes doing community work also plays a key role in shifting your energy from low to high levels. Now during pandemic times, you can surely help somebody with data of beds, ventilators, ICU or try to talk to somebody who is shattered mentally or lost someone close due to the virus.

Being indifferent to issues isn’t easy but it is possible if we divert ourselves to do something better, that which brings us inspiration, income, joy and/or even fun/entertainment. This is the reason why many people indulge in shopping, go out with friends or even watch a comedy show for good time sake. It helps them to forget their pain, discomfort and in the process even helps them to come out of the negative state of mind. Once the mind is in a neutral state, things start getting into the normal version once again. 

Another thing which I have found very useful is to avoid discussing things, that which is, ‘the very cause’ of your sadness, grief, gloominess, and low vibes. Talking about ‘it’ is like helping it to grow in your subconscious mind and then letting your overthinking multiply many folds. So, instead of venting out to my friends, what I, or for that matter many people do, is, bring all our attention towards self-care and then dedicate our time to things that keep the mind, body, and soul – happy and healthy. Can be meditating, booking a spa session, watching random funny things or dog videos and cat memes, doing things that bring us peace and tranquillity like helping others or simply getting engrossed in things that might keep us busy and occupied. Indulging in self-love and self-care is not only going to make you feel worthy but also help you to gain your temporary lost confidence and self-assurance.

This is how time and again I re-wire myself to think positive and productive when I’m somehow routed into the feeling of sadness. This is the most optimal solution I have found for myself after reading several self-help books, seeking knowledge from master coaches and even spiritual guides and teachers. And I’m sure it will help you too.

Do you have another method in addition to these? How about sharing with us in the comment section –

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