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If you thought showering her with expensive gifts will make her happy or think about you, or perhaps give you an upper hand, think again. Love Tips – In the chasing game it’s not the money that counts but your behavioral traits that matters. Discover how to strike the right chord with her merely by a good gesture. Yes, you heard it right.

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If there hadn’t been women we’d still be squatting in a cave eating raw meat, because we made civilization in order to impress our girlfriends.” – Orson Welles (Source: BrainyQuote)

True, men have gone extremes just to win the heart of a woman. Some conquered territories, some won battles and some could even go beyond their limits to dominate the world. What an achievement, all in the name of love for the sake of a woman. Indeed impressing a woman is very tricky and thorny but if you know what exactly they need you can easily win your woman’s heart without actually doing anything.

If you want to be the special guy in her life, you do not have to buy diamonds, wear branded clothes, primp up or take her to Paris to make her happy. This will neither make her happy nor content. Women being hungry for love and care only want attention in various forms from her man. If you understand her in this regard and make her feel as special as you can then it is more likely that she will be all yours, ultimately ending all those pointless drama.

To start with, always make her feel like  “one in a million”

Make her feel like she is the one and only  in your life.  Appreciate her and support her. Now that doesn’t mean you have to fulfill her every wish and behave like a doormat. Being a doormat  will always make you less than a man in her eyes and it will be the biggest mistake of your love life. Instead appreciate her choices in life including you.

Make her shriek with laughter … 

Every girl wants to be cheerful and livelyMake sure that you make her yell with joy and give her reasons to laugh. Giving her opportunity to jump, run and play like a little girl works for men. Make her feel as if she is the luckiest girl in the entire planet – nothing is more irresistible, sexy and attractive than that feeling for a woman.

Love Tips : Make her feel hot and sexy

Appreciate her physically, emotionally and with all her spiritual attributes. Never impose your vision of feminine beauty on her body or in any way, making her feel inferior. Instead, make her feel beautiful in every aspect. Nothing in the world is as sexy than a guy turning a good girl wild with desire, passion and intense feelings. Flirt with her, seduce her, understand her physical needs and take her into the world of ecstasy.

The world has been changing continuously and has been turning the new age women more masculine, making them lose their feminine identity.

So, when they come up to you, make her feel secure and protected.

Let her be as feminine as she can in your presence

Let her sense her softness, vulnerability, delicateness back again along with various other feminine traits which seem to fade away with the  growing challenges she encounters on a daily basis.

Nothing in the world is more fulfilling than witnessing your woman happy and content in your presence. So, make her feel as special as you can, let your arms be her best place to hide and win her heart for time eternal.

Yes, you cannot only win the heart of your woman, but can also make her happy. Try these love tips, you won’t be disappointed!

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