The iCreate Speech By Modi Ji With The iMportance of “i”

Image Source: iCreate via Twitter

So, Modi Ji at the recent inauguration of ” iCreate ” made a rather profound speech. Really profound, i tell you.

Image Source: iCreateNextGen via Twitter

He said that “i” stands for “aham” and “ahankar“, bole to arrogance and ego.

if the “i” is big it gets in the way of Creativity.

Now isn’t that quite thought-provoking?

i mean, think about it. if Issac Newton had only changed his name to iSsac Newton, he would have created much better things than just a reflective telescope!!!

Had Apple named their phone as IPhone instead of iPhone, do you think it would have been so successful?

it’s all because of how you spell your “i”.

This also tells you why India is not progressing despite the furious efforts of Modi Ji to push forward the country on the RIGHT track.

He is trying hard to CREATE a better India, but this creativity is getting restricted by the Capital “I” in India.

And this is a deliberate ploy by Congress. They officially adopted the name “India” so that we remain an underdeveloped country where Creativity is nipped in the bud.

Had they used the name “iNdia” by now we would have been a super power and we would have created an entirely different nation for ourselves !!! Damn you Congress !!!

Disclaimer: All the “i”s in this post have been written in Smaller Case just to make this post very creative and to show that i have no “aham” and “ahankar” in me 😛

This post was first published as a Facebook status by Darshan Mondkar. You can read more such hilarious posts from him, here.

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