How to Increase Sales And Customer Traffic In Your Business With Brochures

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Do you need to increase your business sales? Do you feel frustrated because you are just not catching the eye of new customers? Here’s a deal breaker. Well, because, printing your company a custom quality brochure will definitely catch the eye of new customers. Brochures are like a window into your business. Customers can look in and take a peek at what you have to offer them.

The Best Four-Color Advertising Window

If you are looking to attract the best customers, you need the best-looking brochures. Customers need to look at your company’s brochure which gives them an idea of your business, quality along with your interest in customer orientation. You can do that with just a small brochure with classy features, such as:

  • Hi-Gloss Aqueous finish
  • 100# White Gloss Text
  • In beautiful, crisp, clear, appealing four colors.

Increase Customer Traffic

If you really want to bring in the customers, a gold or silver scratch-off is the order of the day. Invite your new and old customers to come in and see you, with a special promotion. You can even increase your customer traffic by offering the holders of the brochure an invitation to bring a friend along wherein both receive the appreciation gift disguised under the scratch-off. That makes a minimum of 2 customers from 1 printed brochure, which is again a good marketing sense when it comes to attracting potential customers.

However, if you don’t choose a scratch off and gift marketing strategy, the brochure itself can still help. Brochures are still one of the best windows for customers to see clearly what your business has to offer them. It just takes a quick glance for a customer to choose your company for their next purchase.

No Time or Money to Make Brochures

In case you do not have time to print and mail brochures or go through the hassle of searching a good designer or you find the entire process as an extra thing, you can outsource the work to any of the printing companies that are best at it. Printing companies like ‘Print Direct for Less’ not only offers you the customized brochure in your time frame but also ensures that the price fits in your budget.

The company offers you with a list of templates for your brochure design. All you need to do is just add your important product or service information in the provided online format. You will receive an online PDF proof of your brochure. After you have looked it over and approved your quality marketing masterpiece, you can choose a turn around time of 1, 2, 3, or 5 days. Now that’s 4 colorfast!

As far as affordability?

Four color brochures have never been more affordable. You can now print 500 brochures in $100 and 5000 brochures for $229. Interestingly, if you don’t have the time to send these brochures to your current or new customers yourself, Print Direct for Less send them to your customers on your behalf with their special postage pricing.

An increase in customer traffic and sales can be yours in just a few days. Go to and start filling out your online brochure template today! Soon you will be using your beautiful new marketing window to attract current and new customers to buy your products and services. Let experts do all the work and take care of the hassle to print and mail brochures for you.

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