How India Deals with the World Powers – Independently Subservient

“An amazing thing happens when you stop seeking approval and validation: You find it. People are naturally drawn like magnets to those who know who they are and cannot be shaken!” ~ Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass (Quote Source)

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68 years ago we kept our midnight tryst with destiny,and by virtue of Indian Independent Act,1947, we got our freedom on the 15th of August, but now 68 years down the line, are we really independent? Have India lived up-to the expectations of all the freedom fighters who gave their lives for our freedom?

All these questions make me think that we were better off under the English men. At-least united were we, Hindus and Muslims were brothers, Sikhs got their due, Gandhji worked for Harijans and assuaged their pain. Christians weren’t a minority but preferred communities, considering our rulers were Christians.

As we enter into our 69th year of freedom our beloved country has progressed a lot and is one of the most enviable states in this world. A country with huge potential that is respected even by the most powerful of nations across the world. A role model for developing nations. However, I am not content with this rate of progress, because we still look upto other countries for approval. Why we always have to look upto Uncle Sam while dealing with Pakistan?

We struggle to get approval from the US to take actions against Pakistan. We have to convince the US that our Pakistan policy won’t disturb the peace in the region, while Pakistan and it’s so called non state actors keep their anti India stance and work to the detriment of our nation. Why is this subservience to foreign Great powers? Aren’t we free and independent?

Narendra Modi Era has begun but what he, as a leader of the world’s largest democracy is trying to achieve is still unclear. Modi traveled to 12 nations in few months, Obama was our Chief Guest during the republic day parade and created quite a buzz especially with quotes from SRK starrer DDLJ. Every care was taken to please the Americans and when Modi was in the US, we tried real hard to convince the US that we are the right choice- the right horse to bet on in South Asia.

But the larger question remains why do we look upto Uncle Sam’s approval? Keeping good diplomatic relations is a need but going so far beyond to woo a foreign power reveals the deeply ingrained notion that US’s approval offers legitimization. If the US doesn’t take us as a rising super power then we will never be one. We go the extra mile to keep them happy where as Uncle Sam keeps spying on every movement of ours and every step we take. Their Satellites have been censoring us day in and day out, and in a way we don’t even censor our movies.

Mark Twain once said “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval” and rightly so.

From our stock exchange to our export market, from our talents to our weaknesses, we are constantly seeking approval from the USA or any other country. No, the idea is not to go solo or  isolated unlike North Korea, the idea is to take our decisions in the best interest of the citizens – not of any pseudo self made master of the world who indirectly depend on our talents to outdo us.

We have survived just fine, won our battles lost our war,  we should therefore stay strong and fight for what we think is right, forgetting what others might think. Uncle Sam can go and mess up with Iraq but isn’t keen to touch upon ISIS because their interests are not under so much of a threat.

Its high time we open our eyes and do what is diplomatically correct and not what the Lords demand.

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