Indian Mythology: Interesting Facts about Shani Dev

Shani Dev known for his anger and evil eye is one of the main deities in Hinduism. Associated with the planet Saturn, he is revered by Hindus all across the world who worship the God on Saturday.

Here we share few interesting facts About Shanidev from Indian Mythology –

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Shani Dev Is the Son of Lord Surya

Shanidev is the son of Surya dev from his wife Chayya also known as Suvarna. Surya Dev’s mother Chayya is the shadow of Sanjna (Saranyu), the first wife of Surya. Saranyu created Chayya so that she could take her place in the house while she could abandon her husband and family.

He is the Brother of Yama Raj and River Tapti

After Saranyu abandons Surya Dev, he believes Chayya to be Saranyu and she begets him three children – Shanidev, Tapti (River Tapti) and Manu. Surya Dev From Sanjana, Lord Surya have three children – Yama Raj, Yamuna Devi and Manu

Lord Shani Has Several Names In Indian Mythology

Lord Shani is known by several names. Some of his names aew Sauri, Kapilaksha, Suryaputra, Manda, Chayasuta, Kokanastha, Shaneshchar, Raudrantak, Pingalo, Krushno, Babhru, and Krushnamand,

Shanidev is a Shiv Bhakt

Shanidev is a bhakt of Lord Shiva. Yes, Shiva was his guru. Interestingly, once even Lord Shiva was scared of Shani. Fearing that he would cast his evil eye, he retired from Kailash so that Shani doesn’t find him.

He is one of the main Navagrahas

Being a navagraha, Shani has a great influence on ‘life on earth.’ It is believed that Lord Shani has the capacity and ability to remove malicious influences from an individual’s life. Shanidev does not harm anyone deliberately. A slow moving planet, Shani has some evil effects on an individial’s life.

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Shanidev Was Cursed by His Own Wife

The Shani dosh which we all are scared of, is actually a curse bombarded on Shani dev by his own wife. It was she who had cursed the Lord that whoever you’ll look at, we’ll get destroyed. Although she repented later, she couldn’t take the curse back.

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