Smart Retail IoT Solutions by EasyReach

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is an integrated networking of interrelated softwares, computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, sensors, objects, or people that have unique ability to collect and transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

Applications of IoT technology is found in many industries, including healthcare, retail, transportation, telecom, building management and precision agriculture.

While, there are many companies dealing with IoT, here we enlighten why EasyReach is a pioneer in Internet of things (IoT) technology in India for the retail sector!

EasyReach: India’s Leading Cloud controlled Digital Signage Provider

Currently, EasyReach is amongst India’s leading cloud controlled digital signage providers, covering more than 3000 locations in 120+ cities. EasyReach works with some of the top FMCG companies to enhance their point of sale promotions and capture the ROI on the advertising budgets.

Smart Customer Engagement in Internet of Things Technology


EasyReach offers centralized Wi-Fi and Digital Signage based solutions, Sensors and Beacons that increases customer engagement at the point of sale. The solutions enable brands to have a centralised control over their communication thus ensuring that they can accurately target the right message to their targeted customers.

The company strives to augment their technology by providing on-site installation, configuration services as well as support services to provide end to end services to the customers.

Smart Asset Management

EasyReach has a suite of sensors that track the retail environment, be it temperature sensors or proximity sensors or location sensors that allow for remote configuration and monitoring of assets from a central location.

EasyReach is crafting solutions keeping the Indian constraints and context in mind by building Internet of Things technology for the retail sector that not just enhances productivity but also track assets and improve ROI for retailers and brands.

Smart Visibility Solution

The smart kiosk is modelled on the lines of the traditional kiosk with digital equipment that revolutionise the nature of the kiosk by not only visualising it as a stocking utility but as an information gathering tool. The smart kiosk is equipped with a signage screen of varying size depending on the nature of outlet. The content is powered from the cloud and can be configured to display various content ranging from videos to images to tickers etc.

The smart kiosk is also equipped with various sensors that measure the ROI of the kiosk in terms of user views, location, stocks, merchandising etc. These IOT sensors communicate real time information back to the user which can be accessed via the web thus providing retailer specific information back to the brand.

Smart and Experienced IoT Team

The engineering team of EasyReach consists of experienced software and hardware engineers with the prime philosophy of building solutions that are centred on low product cost, and minimum data consumption. The company is based out of Mumbai, India and has development offices in Pune and Bangalore.

The firm’s top management has worked with some of the biggest names companies like Ericsson, Roamware, Persistent and have good numbers of experience in building enterprise grade systems to both enterprises as well as customers.

Besides, the service team of the company runs on a 24×7 basis with a team of experienced service professional backed by trained L3 services at the central location. No wonder, with innovative technology-driven products, EasyReach is not just another Internet of things technology company but an end to end solution provider in the field of IOT in India retail sector.

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