Ishqbaaz Update: Is Robin the Mystery Man in Tia’s Life?

Image via ABP Live
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Ever since the “T&D” thing came up in the serial Ishqbaaz, every third viewer is wondering who can be “D?” – The mystery man in Tia’s life. While many including us thought it to be Daksh, the latest buzz is that Daksh isn’t the mystery man in Tia’s life.

Well, yes, perhaps it is just a coincidence that his name starts with D and he has fallen in love with Anika. Although Tia is supporting Daksh, looks like it is her own ulterior motive to do so to keep Anika out of Shivaay’s way. And while all this chaos and confusion is surrounding us, there is yet another spoiler and update from Ishqbaaz serial.

Well, it seems that the mystery man in Tia’s life is none other than Robin who claims to be Tia’s brother in the show.

Image via ABP Live
Image via ABP Live

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Ishqbaaz Update: Robin Is the Mystery Lover of Tia?

Well, few sources have find a connection between Robin and Tia. Well, it is not that of brother and sister but that of a husband and wife. Apparently, there is a photo of Tia with her groom who can be seen wearing a black stud. The same black stud is worn by Robin as well.

This is making everybody confused now. Now the question arises – Who is the mystery man in Tia’s life – Is it Daksh or is it Robin who claims to be Tia’s brother? We are sure the CVs will leave no cance in throwing us with surprises in this particular track.

What do you think, who can it be?

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