Ishqbaaz Updates: Is Tej Really Dead Or Is He Playing Around With Janki?

The plot of Janki – Tej – Swetlana is full of weird twists and turn as their triangular love story never cease to end in Ishqbaaz. Just when we thought Swetlana is out of picture, she bounced back and that too by getting the same support from Tej Singh Oberoi.

However, her entry brought the strange death sequence of Tej at the hands of Janki, make us question the reason of her entry.

Is Tej Singh Oberoi Really Dead?

Both Swetlana and Tej have been planning to scare Janki from a long time. The death plot of Tej can be their idea to scare Janki even more. Though anything can happy in a Hindi TV serial, it is unlikely that Tej will die suddenly with just a small hit when Anika and Shivaay were brought to life even when bullets pierced their body. Strange isn’it?

Ishqbaaz Updates: Is It Tej’s Planning?

Or is it Tej’s planning against Swetlana to teach her a lesson. After all, the last time he hugged her, he had a wicked smile on his face. You never know if he is showing her that he is doing it for her, but in reality planning against her.

Because if Swetlana is smart, Tej Singh Oberoi is no less. He cannot be fooled so easily. And no matter whatever the reason is, it is not digestable that Tej Singh Oberoi is dead.

What do you think?

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