IVF Treatment – For a Normal and Healthy Baby

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If you are unable to conceive naturally and seek fertility help, then your doctor may suggest an IVF pregnancy for you.

What is IVF treatment?

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a process where the eggs are removed from the ovaries and then mixed with the partner’s sperm in a culture dish in the lab. When the egg gets fertilised, it is directly induced into the uterus of the woman. The IVF treatment lasts between 4 and 6 weeks. The egg retrieval and fertilisation procedure takes almost half a day.

You will be asked to visit the doctor after two or three days for the transferring of the embryo into the uterus or between the fifth and the sixth day when the fertilised egg has formed into a blastocyst and is ready to be transferred into the uterus. The success rate of an IVF treatment depends on what the fertility problem is and the age of the woman. The chances of getting pregnant are higher for those who are younger.

IVF pregnancy – Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages – Most IVF babies do not have any life-term problems. IVF gives the woman a chance to conceive if she is unable to do so naturally. Disadvantages – More than one embryo is transferred into the uterus in an IVF process to increase the chances of success. This could lead to multiple babies. Multiple pregnancy may increase the risk of premature babies or babies with lower birth weight.

The fertility drugs can cause many side effects, which could include headache, nausea, and hot flushes. The doctor will monitor and look for signs of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which could lead to termination in the treatment. Ectopic pregnancy is when the embryo implants in the fallopian tube or in the abdominal cavity. There is a risk of this happening in an IVF treatment. There are chances that the baby may be born with a birth defect. However, this is not very common and is a rare occurrence.

Are IVF babies as normal as babies born naturally?

There are a lot of preconceived notions about IVF babies. Since IVF babies are produced through a technical expertise, most perceive that they may not be completely normal. Since IVF babies are not produced by a sexual intercourse, most even call them artificial babies. The truth, however, is far from the notion carried by the majority. IVF children are as normal as a natural baby, both in terms of mental and physical health. Once the embryo is inserted in the uterus of the woman through the cervix, the process of pregnancy is the same as any normal pregnancy. An ART technology, or Assisted Reproductive Technology, is used to let a woman conceive through the IVF method.

The only difference that can be spotted is that in IVF treatment, the sperm and the egg gets fertilised in the lab, and the fusion takes place in a test tube instead of a fallopian tube. The process of fertilisation and the fusion of the eggs in the lab is an alternative to the normal fertilisation procedure that happens during sexual intercourse. IVF babies are as normal as natural babies, and it is impossible to differentiate between the two.

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