Jerseys: The Ultimate Sportswear

If you think T-shirts are a wardrobe staple, then we would probably agree with you. They are perfect for any occasions be it a casual stroll across the city with your friends, a movie or even while going for shopping with your loved one. Moreover, in 2019 we have a varying range of t-shirts that serves different purposes. However, if you have been having an active lifestyle or planning to switch to one, then jerseys are your safest and stylish bet. They are not only famous among sports fans but also among fitness enthusiasts.

If you are anything like me and like to feel comfortable and look stylish while working out or playing games, then jerseys are the most delightful options that you could come across in the sportswear section. While for most people it is about wearing a comfortable jersey, for some it is about boasting their proud teams, and that is why we always recommend and prefer to get a branded sports jersey. You can not only use them as sportswear but also rock one to your gym. These are some of the types of jerseys that we have listed down below, and you can view more jerseys online on the internet.

Cricket Jersey:

Let kick things off with the most common jerseys in India – The Cricket Jerseys. They are the most demanded jerseys as opposed to the other ones, all thanks to the crazy fanbase in India. People love to wear a T-shirt that represents their beloved cricket team which is one of the reasons why they run out of stock all the time. Be it Team India or CSK, you can find jerseys of all your favourite teams online.

Basketball Jersey:

What phones are to human, is what jerseys are to basket. Of late, basketball has become a popular sport in India, with some suggesting that we could soon become the next basketball superpower. That is one of the reasons why basketball jerseys are very common nowadays. Since basketball jerseys are sleeveless, they are also an ideals choice among the gym freaks. No matter who you are, you just cannot go wrong with a basketball jersey.

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Soccer Jersey:

No matter which club you support, if you want to help your club lift the cup this time, then you must kick things off by wearing soccer jerseys. Soccer being the beloved sports among the current generation, they come in a variety of colours. They come at a different price point and you can crack a good deal online.

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Minimalist Look:

This is for those who prefer subtle clothing over the fancy one. If you do not like to stay sides or stay away from the ruckus, then look no further than some of the offerings from the acclaimed brands like Adidas, Nike, to name a few. They only have the logos of their respective brands on them and that’s it! Pair them with jeans and you are all set to hang out with your friends at clubs and cafes.

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Apart from the types, ones must check out the fibers and materials used in the jersey. Their fabric can be very advanced. For instance, there are jerseys that come with rapid-dry technology and dry-fitting technology. But at the end of the day, it comes down to your likes and preferences and what comforts you the most.

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