Jio Fiber Review: All About Connectivity, Speed, Features & Plans

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The Corona era has really knocked off the pedestal from even the best of Internet service providers. And now that the ‘stay at home and work from home’ has taken the sheen off our internet service provider, we decided to experiment our luck with Jio Fiber internet sans the set top box. Having using it for quite some time now, here we shall review Jio Fiber internet connection covering several factors starting from the very first step that is the setup –

Switching to Jio’s Fiber Internet? You Need to Register First or Call the Technician

Although we registered on the official website to enrol for Jio Fiber, we were potshot with a ‘Coming Soon’ banner after registration. Interestingly, our area already had pamphlets of Jio Fiber plans and underneath there was a phone number to call for connection. We dialled the number and the following day the Jio ka banda came to set the Fiber connection. If you too see the ‘Coming Soon’ banner and are unable to get through the website, ask a friend/neighbour or anybody in your area whether he/she already has a Fiber connection. If yes, they can connect you with them. No wonder, these Jio Technicians are looking for references.

The documents you need for getting a Jio Fiber Internet Connection are –

Aadhar Card and PAN Card. Even if the address on your Aadhar Card is different than your current address, it is fine.

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Jio Fiber Review – What Is the Process of Installation? Does It Take Time?

The Jio technician with the help of your original Aadhar Card registers on your behalf and then installs the WiFi router. The whole process of putting up the wire and installation takes anything between 30 to 45 mins or an hour. You need to download MyJio app on your phone from Google Playstore for this. The cost for availing only internet is Rs. 1500 which you can pay online via different modes.

Jio Fiber Internet: Connectivity, Speed, Features and Plans

Now before we further elaborate our Jio Fiber review, let us tell you, no sooner than the installation is done (thoroughly executed by the Jio technician asking you for OTP quite a few times), you get two types of connection, 4G and 5G. So, for instance, if you name your connection as NationalViews, you will get two connectivity – NationalViews4G and NationalViews5G.

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The main difference between 4G and 5G is speed. Besides, not all instruments support 5G. While 3 of our mobile phones managed 5G connectivity, our laptops and 2 mobile phones got 4G connectivity. Going by the technician’s words, 5G is all about speed and 4G is more about range and less of speed.

When we tested there was a huge difference between the 4G and 5G speed. While on a 150 Mbps plan (as we are currently on the 30-day free trial), our 5G connectivity gave us around 105 Mbps and 138Mbps respectively, the 4G connectivity gave around 49 Mbps and 58 Mbps respectively. Besides, though the claim is ‘Upload speed is same as Download Speed’, there is a difference whenever you test it. We haven’t tested the range part yet.

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5G Speed on Mobile Phone
4G Speed on Laptop

With JioFiber you also get a landline connection: Download the Jio Voice app from Google Play store and you can talk using your new landline number. Now the voice clarity as well as the quality of this landline is quite good. We tried several times to other networks (AirTel and Vi), and it was quite satisfactory.

The Cheapest Jio Fiber Internet Connection Plan Begins at Rs. 399

All the Jio Fiber plans are unlimited and the basic plan starts from Rs. 399 that has a speed of 30 mbps followed by Rs. 699 with a speed of 100 Mbps. If you want OTT platforms too for free, there are two more plans of Rs. 999 and Rs. 1499 with 150 Mbps and 300 Mbps respectively. Now these plans do attract GST and so the charges are almost same as that of the current Internet service providers. Besides, if you are switching to Fiber only for internet, it is not worth going beyond the 699 plans.

JIO FIBER Review: The Final Verdict

Now that Jio Fiber has a free 30-day trial period, there is no harm in trying and testing it. If you return the same within the trial period, you get a refund of Rs. 1500 within 15 days (as informed to us by the technician.). However, Jio being Jio we do have speculation as to how the connectivity and plans be in future. In addition, one of our greatest concern is whether there would be a good customer care service or not for the users. As of now we can just hope that Jio Fiber continue to be the knight in the shining armour for ever damsel in internet distress.

Have you used it too? Do drop us your Jio Fiber review in the comment section – the good, the bad, and even the ugly ones!

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