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If you have recently made 1 or more gaming applications, it is apparent that you would be looking for an android app promotion service to promote your gaming app, isn’t it? Here we would provide you with some essential tips on how to plan a marketing strategy to promote your app quickly and effectively. Let’s follow some basic guidelines –

How to Market Your Gaming Applications: Tips

The best way to market your android gaming app is to focus on dedicated traffic. You can either do on your own or outsource it from self services platform that not only give out traffic but also increase your app’s visibility in the market, help you attract more organic users, and also increase your revenue.

Now, the question is how do you start such types of promotion? Well, you start by picking up keywords that are relevant to your app. So, that users can find you easily amongst the crowd. Next, you write them down by yourself, use suggestions of ASO tools, and/or take keywords of your competitors as a ready reference. The key point is to make sure of the relevance of the keywords that you use. Your search terms have to describe your app’s functions, technical features, particularities, along with solutions that users can solve with it.

Next, as part of your app SEO strategy you must add these keywords to your meta tags and description. Always, avoid keyword stuffing. Insert 1-2 related phrases in your app’s name along with a short description and not more than 10 in your long description. After that, you can proceed with your app’s marketing campaign. 

Or You Can Promote Your App with KeyApp

If you don’t know which platform to choose to promote your gaming app, keyapp is something you can try. is a self-service platform for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization. So for example, if you are having a racing gaming app, the platform helps you to get into the top 5 position by increasing your visibility and reach.

How do you start? Well, you can start your promotion campaign with 4-5 keywords and they help you to promote your app in around 35 regions across the globe. You can also set up your preferred region along with the duration of the promotion. 7 days is usually enough to start and track your changes. Going forward, you can monitor your app’s growth in the console and adjust your promotion accordingly. On your first order, the platform gives you a 50% discount along with a personal consultation. Besides, you also get keyword suggestions for your app in your cabinet – easing your time when it comes to search keywords.

So, if your app’s position is growing, keep using the same parameter for the next week. If you do not see any positive changes in your app’s ranking, you will have to make changes – perhaps the keyword is inappropriate for your app. In case of doubts and confusion on this, this app promotion company also allows you to connect with a manager for advice. Since they are already in the business their guidelines and advice as an android app promotion service is likely to move up your gaming app scale at the top in less time.

Lastly, make sure your all your gaming applications follows all the Developer Program Policy of Google Play Store.

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