Kinjal Vs Anupamaa: Will Kavya Be Successful in Turning Kinjal against Anupamaa?

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Post-divorce Anupamaa is still staying at the Shah house. While the entire family is happy – Kavya isn’t happy for obvious reasons. And now that Kinjal is expected to do a few household chores amidst her busy schedule, Kavya is leaving no stones unturned in turning Kinjal against Anupamaa. Now that Kinjal has been on the receiving end of Baa, will Kavya be successful in turning Kinjal against Anupamaa, making it Kinjal vs Anupamaa?

Kavya can Instigate Kinjal further against Anupamaa? Will Kavya and Anupamaa Understand?

Kavya has already done her work of instigating not just Kinjal but also her mom Rakhi Dave against Anupamaa and Baa. However, although Kinjal is not blaming Anupamaa, it is interesting to note that things are not the same between them. While, Kinjal’s issues are quite genuine, Anupamaa is clueless too on how to handle things.

It is obvious Kavya will take advantage of the situation from now on – However, the question is, will Kinjal understand that Kavya is trying to hit the bullet from her shoulder? Will Anupamaa know that Kavya is playing dirty politics within the house to drift all her loved ones away from her?

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Will We See More of Kinjal Vs Anupamaa? Didn’t We Expect Kinjal Vs Kavya?

Baa is difficult to handle and Anupamaa cannot tolerate Baa’s insult. So, it is quite a question mark whether Kinjal and Anupamaa would go hand-in-hand in the given situation. However, if both of them understand that this is exactly what Kavya wants – division of the entire Shah household, then the plot would be much in favour of Anupamaa.  

Unfortunately, we were expecting things turning against Kavya and everybody realizing what an asset Anupamaa is, instead, ‘Anupamaa’ has become a sham – Pity.

Shouldn’t Anupamaa be at her own home instead of getting insulted at Shah house despite doing all the chores? What do you think?

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