How to Not Find Yourself in the Wrong Boat Buying Something When You’re Not a Tech Geek

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The Earth is turning and there is nothing we can (or should, really) do to stop it. And with the planet revolving around the Sun, our lives evolve. Every day, new things are imagined and created to make our lives easier. People are compassionate creatures by nature, that’s what differs us (or at least some of us) from animals, and be it for ourselves, for our dear ones—parents, children, spouses, lovers, friends—or just for a random stranger who we happen to know or suspect maybe suffers somewhere, we tend to create things to try and make it better. It’s a good thing, isn’t it? It is. But then, with all those things around us, all those products, and manufacturers, and marketers—we as the consumers are lost in a sea of choice and we know nothing of how to get out but we want to use all the benefits of these new things.

What do we do?

Thank God (or Buddha, or Universe, or Zeus, or whoever) for the geniuses like Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn. Like, seriously. Bless the Internet. It helps develop the new tech, it helps spread the news of it and, what’s the most important to us common people, it helps sift out ashes from cinders when we try to decide between an HTC One A9 smartphone and the latest Samsung Galaxy model, whatever it is today.

Thanks to the Internet, today, if and when you feel like you are drowning in the ocean of offers by thousands of manufacturers, or when you are blinded by the tech specs and a ton of weird terminology the shop assistant has thrown at you, the only thing you need to do is open your browser, go to a search engine of your choice and type the name of your desired product and “review” to see the wide selection of review websites that have your item assessed. To make the selection narrower, add your target country and some keywords (for example, “tech reviews India”). You will see a lot of opinions and, what is more important, the information will be spread out in an easy-to-understand way, often broken down into blocks by theme or by highlights.

This is probably the coolest thing about the best review sites: they offer reviews and ratings to simplify the choice making for their visitors—it might sometimes be enough to just see the comparison of key features and a short overview to set your mind on a certain model. If it is not, if the specs are more or less similar or if there are just too many terms and numbers unfamiliar to you, you just scroll further down or click on the table of contents to see the product review in all details, explained with precision by professional writers who have a background in the field, know the topic though and through, and can explain everything in a way any person will understand. With the best of the best review sites, you’ll also get a variety of related images and graphs to accompany the text so that you could see what you are about to buy and not just imagine it. There will be pieces of advice on installation, use, and maintenance, pros and cons for specific groups of potential buyers, and many more convenient things you might have not known about before.

Review websites are also good for your general knowledge base widening as they often feature articles with general technology reviews in addition to product reviews for specific items. Technology reviews will update you on what is happening in the tech world overall or within a certain field, they will explain every detail in the simplest terms. Those tech reviews are way easier to understand than geek forums created by and for users who tend to go too deep and too far without explaining the basic terms right away (What is this cd/m² thing? I just need help to buy a new monitor!). Nothing wrong with forums, of course. It’s just it might be somewhat challenging to digest all the tech details when you’re a middle school English Literature teacher or an Art student. It might be not. But it might be, too.

It may not be a smartphone or a monitor. It may be virtually anything, from a sophisticated device like a top-shelf blood pressure monitor to just an ordinary mop to get your kitchen’s floor clean and shining. After all, people well-versed in certain fields may lack even the most basic knowledge in others and it is normal. Product review sites will help you choose the best item to satisfy your needs—this is what they are designed to do.

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