Your Cellphone Cover Choice Says a Lot About Your Style

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Do you know your cellphone cover case says a lot about you?

Yeah! that’s true. Well, we haven’t thought much about it. We do love customized phone cases as they reflect our persona.

We all have different personalities. Practically smartphones are always glued to our palms since morning. We need them for our social media access, office mails, and yes on the dinner table to scroll through Instagram. Believe it or not, we try to dress our phones up to date as we do. The choice of phone covers tells about your overall personality.

Whether you keep it simple or fancy, it’s your sense of style. You are responsible to keep your device safe. You can skip patterns, embellishments accessories yet charm everyone with a leather cover. Probably your choice, you see.

These days people consider their phone cases as important as groomed nails or a handbag. With designer labels in the market, we are spoiled.

As per a survey conducted by a phone cover company Tirita, 53% of people own more than one phone case as 2/3rd match them with their outfit.

The Glitter Phone Case For The Party Girl:

You are a fun-loving girl. You are the one who asks people out for a drink without hesitation. We love your outspoken nature.

The party goes long accompanied with many drinks back to back. The next morning you bumped into your Labrador enthusiasm. You know all the cool bars, wait you were kicked out of many, isn’t it!

You are kooky, popular, and love an Instagram fam.

For you, The Blonde Salad Blogger flirting covers are iconic. Saturated in the circle with a glittery wink, is a classy piece. The colors pop at night and you shine through.

The Folio Phone Case:

You are an ardent lover. You forget your dental appointments. You forget to pay electricity bills and you don’t find receipts in your handbag.

You miss flights being a fathom. You never drop your phone. Your email is loaded with emails and has lots of notifications to horrify you. You are organized and logical. You keep your belongings safe.

The Monogrammed Phone Case:

Hey guys! You love wine and cheese nights. You look forward to a housewarming party and are never shy to call your friends home.

You are organized and love being particular. You buy fresh flowers, ask friends to wash their makeup brushes. You are a fancy dreamer.

For Chic City Slicker:

Nadia Fairfax, an Australian fashion blogger, and GRAZIA magazine editor recently joined Samsung and The Daily Edit to bring new Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge phone cases. It is an extremely sophisticated phone case that is revolutionizing the market trend. You can customize the initials or name on the cover. It is launched in five different colors including midnight burgundy red, and midnight blue options for a classy appeal.

For the BFFS (The Slogan Case):

Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton, the marvelous duo of They All Hate Us launched their Girl Gang in April 2016. It had a huge fanbase and sold over weeks. Later, they released Oh So Cute bestie phone cases. Christmas is around the corner. We recommend you to awe your BFF with this special gift.

For A Dreamy Traveller:

Are you a daydreamer? Do you think to pack your bags and go for a fantasy vacation? Kerrie Hess is a prominent artist who has designed 18 beautiful phone cases all with her signature. They are bright, colorful, and focus on a chic Parisian woman. You can buy one if you want to pack your bags for your City of Love.

For A Selfie Lover:

The Brisbane business Luvo has to be on your list when you desire a smart case. Their selfie case is a go-to, amp up your selfie game with the cases that light the sides and tops of your phone. You can adjust brightness and get your perfect click. They are slim and sleek covers, your best friend.

The Edgy Phone Case:

If you own a Samsung, get an edgy case that showcases your other side. You love to experiment, and we know it. You are a budget maker and keep your expenses handy. Open up by saying what you want in these cases.

Ecofriendly You:

You are a vegan. You love animals, and you are a nature lover. You go through the flow without thinking much. Ecofriendly cases are for you. They are made out of biodegradable material and can be recycled later. With plastic pollution, we need to revolutionize thinking, here it is!

No Cellphone Cover Case:

You are an irresponsible person and lack a sense of accountability. You are not trustworthy when it comes to daily jobs. Do you have many phones in your wardrobe lying broken?

You are a bit daredevil. You are me!

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