6 Health Screenings 40-Year-Olds Should Undergo Regularly

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As we grow we experience more responsibilities, better financial and social status, and even richer lives. However, often with health, that is not the case. Being the only irreplaceable part of our lives, health needs far more attention as we age, than we actively give to it. Regular health checks are something, you should include in your schedule religiously, regardless of your age. If you are crossing into the 40s, and have still not started this ritual, it is about time you did.

Here are six very important health screenings that you must undergo in your 40s. The list, however, is not exhaustive, and your personal recommendations may vary widely:

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  1. Breast Examination

While it is good to start the practice of self-examination of breasts, at an early stage of life, it is further recommended to visit a clinic for a mammogram. It is the digital screening of your breast tissue to examine any risk of cancer. Also, availing professional assistance means a clinically supervised screening of your breasts, examining pain, tenderness, discharge, or any lump thickening.

  1. Diabetes Screening

Pre-diabetes and diabetes can be diagnosed with a blood sugar test. Diabetes screening is important especially if you have a family history of it. There are many long-term implications of diabetes as it lowers your immunity, makes you more prone to contacting many diseases and leaving you with less physical power to heal the disease. Also, diabetics tend to have increased risk of cancer risk due to aging, obesity, lack of exercise or a poor diet. High insulin levels and high blood sugar further increases the risk of cancer.

  1. Pelvic Examination

Even if you have taken a cervical cancer vaccine shot, it is still advisable to go for a Pap smear. Your gynecologist visits are likely to be regular post 35, due to hormonal changes, leading up weight gain and contacting health problems. We suggest you do a Pap smear especially if your Pap smear tests are consecutively negative.

  1. Thyroid Tests

It is a must test after 35 years of age. It’s symptoms and signs including sudden weight gain, exhaustion, brittle nails or hair loss, will immediately need attention. Women are more prone to hyperthyroidism after 35 post-pregnancy, menopause, and delivery. Treating this health disorder with prescribed medicines is important. 

  1. Moles

Skin cancer is a closet realty today, especially if you travel more often, exposing yourself to too much sun. Skin changes become more evident as you grow older, therefore, you need regular detection of skin changes or any moles on your body.

  1. Cholesterol Profile

Your cholesterol levels, both good and bad cholesterol, needs to be continually monitored. It reduces the risk of heart attacks or strokes, by recommending a change in your diet and through medication. 

Thus, undergoing regular health checks and screening is dependent on you personally. It is only you and only you, who can be the ultimate custodian of own health, by choosing to be more precautionary and even cautious about your health. 

How to Stay Prepared?

While healthy life habits are directed towards staying safe from illnesses, regular tests have two-pronged objectives. One is prevention before a simple ailment turns complicated, and second is to catch these life-threatening ailments in the initial stages.

This is where health plans like cancer insurance plans come into the picture as well. If you know a little about cancer, you already know that many times the diagnosis occurs in the final stages. However, with regular health checks, it is possible to diagnose the disease in the early stage.

Early stage diagnosis is not only less costly to treat, but chances of survival are also high for the patient. Cancer insurance plans are helpful in these scenarios, more than a normal family floater health plan, as it gives you a lump sum amount to cover your costs, be it for the treatment or household.

How to Buy Cancer Insurance?

You can buy cancer insurance online with just a few clicks. Much like term insurance plans, you only need to submit scan copies of documents to buy cancer insurance online. The best part is you can receive the policy document far quicker, and your coverage can start early.

Buying the plan at a young age helps in keeping the premiums low. However, even if you have not purchased the cover in your 30s, 40s is not too late, especially when you can buy a cancer insurance plan online from the comfort of your home or office.

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