List of Companies that Accept Ripple Means of Payment

Ripple cryptocurrency
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Ripple was one of the first few altcoins that were developed after Bitcoin. It’s not a newly developed crypto that’s waiting on adoption but one that has already had its community. One of the main distinguishing factors is that ripple isn’t like the regular cryptocurrency. Instead, it strives to strike a balance between decentralization and centralization by providing financial applications that could be used for payments and other bank-related problems. So, the acceptance of ripple by the public isn’t just because it’s an innovation, but because it’s a working innovation, it has proven itself usable and user-friendly.

XRP isn’t just on the top 10 cryptocurrencies list because it’s a digital currency; it has also faced some controversies regarding its legality and remained popular and reputable. Currently, the price of ripple is in an upward direction, making it the best time to buy ripple before it goes any higher. However, ripple being one of the most sought-after trading cryptos doesn’t mean it’s easy to adapt for buying and selling purposes or payment for the exchange of goods and services. But, if you are looking forward to spending your XRP on something worth the shot, a wide range of services allows ripple to be used as a payment option.

What companies accept ripple?

Although ripple might not be the easiest coin to pay for good ad services or spent in the form of money, it remains a misconception to assume it can’t be used for payment purposes. There are several online platforms where ripple is accepted as a payment method, and some of them include the following.

● Online casinos:

Online casinos are one of the few places where cryptocurrencies are accepted without any stress whatsoever. Peradventure you have some XRP, and you like to gamble; hop on any online casino where crypto is available as a payment method and select ripple as your choice. There are not one, two or three blockchain casinos but a handful of them where you can both enjoy the perks of being a gambler and a crypto adopter. With cryptocurrency on the online casino community, you don’t have to step out of your house, while in your room, you get to play and accumulate as many ripples as you want. Instead of buying a large chunk of ripple, you can buy ripple worth $100 and gamble with it based on your discretion and accumulate as many ripples as possible when you win.

● Shopify:

Asides from playing casino games online, online shopping is another interesting fit. You need not visit the store or take your cash to the store—one of the avenues or platforms where you can get this done is Shopify. Shopify, an e-commerce platform, offers vendors the opportunity to set up stores online to advertise and sell their products. Although its focus is majorly on e-commerce, it rivals WordPress because of its easy setup and usage. Shopify has ripple payment-enabled users willing to pay for their products using cryptocurrencies, making it an interesting platform for attracting crypto users.

● Newegg:

The Amazon of electronics Newegg is one of the leading platforms to buy and get anything electronics. The most interesting aspect is that Newegg has revolutionized into accepting cryptocurrency as its mode of payments. So, peradventure you want to pay for electronics or purchase electronics with your XRP, Newegg is your best shot at getting both outstanding electronics and swift transactions processes. If you have Bitpay, payment on Newegg becomes straightforward.

● Travelling companies:

Travelling in styles is all glam and interesting, but the most interesting is not carrying your wallet or purse on a journey—a scenario where you can play on the go with just your smartphone. Thanks to cryptocurrency, coin-like ripple can be used to pay for travelling fees and cruises from one place to another and from one country to another. No one wants to move with bags. Everyone wants to be free as a bird, including you, actively involved in the crypto community. With this payment method enabled, you can move anywhere and everywhere with your smartphone and 100% secure payment.

The price of ripple is on the move, rising as the adoption grows stronger. It is not surprising that ripple is on the top 10 cryptocurrencies list. You can buy ripple, store for the long term, or you can engage in active trading in others to accumulate as many as possible. But, the most important fact to note is that ripple’s price is not stable, it will continue to increase, and at some point, a little correction might set it. Nonetheless, it remains one of the favourable coins for the payment of goods and services.

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