The Benefits of Travelling To Mexico For Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Plastic surgery vacations and medical tourism are no longer considered to be novelties. In the past few years we saw a constant increase in the number of people that went abroad in order to take advantage of the advantages offered by such an opportunity.

Mexico – A Flourishing Medical Tourism Destination

Mexico now stands out as a preferred choice for many patients that are looking for infertility treatments, weight loss procedures and dental care. Women also look at the country as being a great option when plastic surgery is desired, mainly because of two facts:

  • Price – Many of the cosmetic surgeries are less expensive. Breast augmentation surgery in Mexico for instance starts at around $3,500.
  • Safety – Mexico actually has different state-of-the-art clinics and hospitals with huge plastic surgery experience. Dr. Jorge Galvan’s Institute Plastic Surgery for instance is the place to get breast augmentation in Mexico which now offers access to some of the best facilities in the country, including for facial rejuvenation, otoplasty and liposuction.

Benefits Of Travelling To Mexico For Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Price

Regular medical insurance policies do not cover elective plastic surgery so price is a really important factor to consider when breast augmentation is desired. In Mexico prices are lower than in the US. Also, the prices that you normally see quoted by the clinics include different extras like meals, transportation from the hotel, accommodation and even companion costs. Basically, all associated services are cheaper in Mexico so it is completely normal for people to be attracted.

  • Combining Vacation Time With Plastic Surgery

Getting breast augmentation done in Mexico is possible while you go on vacation. Those perfect breasts that you always wanted are possible at a lower price. Then, you get to relax on the beach with your favorite cocktail while you recover. It is completely up to you to choose the surgeon, hospital and destination, with Mexico offering different wonderful opportunities of practically all personal tastes.

  • Lower Waiting List

Care standards are really high in Mexico and you do not need to have to deal with a waiting list. All that is normally necessary is making the appointment. You choose the date that is convenient for you. In the top medical facilities in US the waiting list can be quite long.

  • More Available Options

One thing that few people know is that there are many different extra options available in Mexico when compared to USA. For instance, gummy bear silicone implants are not currently approved by the FDA but they can be done in Mexico.


Most people are afraid to travel to Mexico because they do not trust the medical standards in the country. This is just a huge misconception. In reality, the entire plastic surgery scene in the country is advanced at levels that are not hit by many US clinics. Medical services are cheaper and you can get the services you always wanted at only a fraction of how much it would cost in the US. Combine this with the fact that the procedure can be done while on a vacation and it is easy to understand why more and more people consider Mexico as a perfect destination for breast augmentation, together with many other procedures.

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