Microsoft Certification Vs Cisco Certification – What Works For You?

Microsoft Vs Cisco Certification - What Works For You
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The difference between a person who knows a little about a topic and an expert is their certification. In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, any new skill that you develop gives you an edge and an extra jump in the race. The biggest and best companies in the world offer courses and certifications to help you better understand and use their product suites.

Two of the biggest IT companies – Microsoft and Cisco – offer certifications that help you specialise in their products by giving you a deep understanding of their offerings. Both of these certifications are challenging, widely used, and have enough potential to give your career the boost it needs. But which one is the one for you, and how do you choose?

Microsoft Certification:

In terms of software and operating systems, Microsoft is pretty much the backbone of the IT industry. It has a wide range of courses offered for different types of IT professionals. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifies candidates in the use of MS servers and networks.

There is a growing demand for Microsoft products across industries and firms. A single product, Microsoft Azure, has seen a daily growth of over 1000 new users. This means that over 3,65,000 new firms adopt Microsoft offerings every year. This also means an increase in the number of professionals hired by firms to manage and deploy these programmes.

Benefits of getting a Microsoft Certification:

  1. The main benefit of Microsoft certification courses is the widely acclaimed Microsoft name. Even for someone outside the IT industry, they might not know any of the details but will recognise the Microsoft name immediately.
  2. You get the skills and knowledge to operate and manage Microsoft product suites, which are the most widely used products around the world.
  3. A Microsoft course on your resume makes you stand out in the sea of applicants wherever you go.
  4. Resources and study material are available easily online due to Microsoft’s global popularity. This makes it easier for you in comparison to a Cisco certification, to prepare for the exams.

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Overcoming Challenges to Getting Microsoft Certified:

The biggest challenge to getting a Microsoft certification is that it is valid only for 3 years. These exams also aren’t the easiest to prepare for.

However, platforms like Koenig offer courses and certifications across multiple Microsoft offerings like .NET, Microsoft365, Azure, Office, and Visual Studio, across others. This means you can switch carriers to any of the other offerings by Microsoft without pausing or taking a break. You can also choose your own timings, and study shifts and slots.

Should You Get a Microsoft Certification?

Microsoft certifications are for those who are interested in advancing their career in the IT sector. Microsoft focuses majorly on server maintenance, so if that is your field of choice, you should choose to get one or more of the many Microsoft certification courses.

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Cisco Certification:

A close competition to Microsoft is the Cisco certification, created keeping in mind the professionals who have worked with Cisco routers and other IT equipment. This is the most popular Cisco certified course, along with the CCENT, CCDA and CCNP Routing & Switching courses.

Although not as widely acclaimed as Microsoft, Cisco is one of the world’s leading IT services and product companies. Its product suites are widely used by large and small companies around the world.

Benefits of a Cisco certification:

  1. Cisco is a widely known name in the IT industry. It offers not only complete 360-degree product suites but also features that make IT easier to work with for businesses.
  2. Getting a CCNA certification or higher makes you a credible expert in all matters related to Cisco software products. This makes you a valuable asset to your employers.
  3. Getting a Cisco certification makes it a lot easier for you to climb higher on the ladder of your career in contrast with your other co-workers who don’t get certified. This also entitles you to better positions, salaries and perks.

Overcoming challenges to Cisco certification:

The Cisco certification is a lot more costly and the functionality more limited in comparison to a Microsoft certification.

Like the Microsoft certification, the Cisco certification also needs to be renewed every 3 years. Unlike the Microsoft certification, the Cisco training is not as popularly known across industries. This reduces its credibility against its counterpart.

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Should you get a Cisco certification?

Cisco certifications lean more towards network engineering and hardware. If that’s the field you excel in, you should get a Cisco certification.

Overview: Microsoft Certification Vs Cisco Certification

Microsoft CertificationCisco Certification
Worldwide brand recognitionWell-respected manufacturer of IT infrastructure
Demonstrates Microsoft experienceSkills can be applied to many other IT brands
High availability of information online 
More popular certification 
Only teaches the Microsoft best practiceExpensive
 A less recognized brand

Now that you have enough information, you can make an informed decision for your career when it comes to Microsoft Certification Vs Cisco Certification.

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